Google’s New Year’s Eve 2019 Doodle features familiar frog



Google gears up for New Year’s Eve 2019 with Doodle featuring Froggy the weather frog.


Google is jumping into the new year — and new decade — with a Doodle featuring Froggy the weather frog watching a fireworks celebration. Froggy, who’s familiar to anyone who’s ever performed a Google search for weather from a mobile device, is especially hoppy about 2020 because it’s a leap year!

For almost as long as Google has been around, it’s livened up its barebones search page with artwork that draws attention to notable people, events, holidays and anniversaries. In recent years, Google has gone the party animal route with its New Year’s Eve Doodles, with some featuring birds and elephants.

While we celebrate surviving another trip around the sun, it’s also important to survive this last day of the year, especially if you’re a party animal. If you plan to ring in the new year at a party or with a night on the town, please don’t drink and drive. Instead, download a ride-sharing app or save the number for a taxi company in your phone’s contacts so you can make it home without risking arrest, injury or worse.

But if you are going to drink, Champagne will probably be in your glass at some point in the evening. It’s a traditional way to toast the new year, but if you’re looking to jazz up your bubbles, CNET sister site Chowhound has some tips to create custom cocktails that can be made with Champagne or other liquors.

Watching the ball drop in Times Square is also New Year’s Eve tradition, but if you eschew the crowds for the couch, TV Guide lists more than two dozen TV marathons to help you welcome 2020 with your remote control.

CNET also has some ideas for fun ways to celebrate the new year without spending a lot — or any — money.

However, you choose to welcome the new year, here’s hoping you’re as hoppy as Froggy!

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