Royal photographer reveals his top three photographs of 2019


Elizabeth II wearing a hat: The Queen at the London Science Museum in March© Tim Rooke/REX
The Queen at the London Science Museum in March

A royal photographer has revealed his top three snaps of 2019.

The images radiate warmth and show various senior members of the family beaming from ear to ear.

Shutterstock’s  official royal photographer Tim Rooke picked out his favourites based on the lighting and colours of the shots.

His best images include one of the Queen wearing orange and clutching a colourful bouquet of flowers, another is of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge outside a mosque, while the final picture shows Meghan Markle in South Africa.

Mr Rooke revealed he is particularly fond of a shot he took of the monarch at the London Science Museum in March.

The Queen appears to be in a cheery mood in the picture and is donning a bright orange coat and hat.

The photographer said he was delighted to get a shot of her smiling, without one of royal fans in front of her getting in the way.

He told Cosmopolitan : “It can be quite easy to capture a photo of the Queen looking serious, so I’m always pleased to take one of her smiling!”

Meghan Markle smiling for the camera: Meghan Markle visiting the University of Johannesburg© Tim Rooke/REX
Meghan Markle visiting the University of Johannesburg

Mr Rooke chose his photograph of Meghan Markle on the second last day of her South Africa royal tour as another of his favourites.

He picked it because of the natural lighting, which he said resulted in a ‘really eye-catching image’.

The royal snapper was also pleased that the Duchess of Cambridge was looking directly into the camera for the picture.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge wearing a suit and tie: Prince William and his wife Kate visiting Badshahi Mosque© Tim Rooke/REX
Prince William and his wife Kate visiting Badshahi Mosque

His final treasured image is of Prince William and Kate Middleton during their visit to Badshahi Mosque in Pakistan.

The couple can be seen staring into each other’s eyes in the photograph, with Kate wearing a green headscarf and matching shalwar kameez.

One of the things he said stood out about the picture was the dark background of the mosque’s doorway.


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