Tang Wei accepts criticism for performance in “Ming Dynasty”


31 Dec – Despite her status as a top star and a movie siren, Tang Wei still humbled herself into accepting the criticisms that came her way for her performance in the period drama, “Ming Dynasty”.

As reported on ET Today, the actress, who made her return to television with the new series more than a decade since her last drama in 2007, stated that it is different when it comes to acting in a movie compared to working in a television series.

“I’m like a baby when it comes to television. I still have a lot to learn. I treated it like a newcomer. The whole process was quite bumpy,” she added.

She also admitted that filming the drama was a struggle because of all the new things she had to learn, adding that she must have caused a lot of burden to her director and co-star Zhu Yawen.

Despite all that, Tang had actually done a lot of homework in preparation to portray the role, including several visits to the Forbidden City, and conducting interviews with Ming Dynasty historians.

“But I will humbly accept all the criticisms for my shortcomings,” she added.

In “Ming Dynasty”, Tang plays the role of Empress Sun from when she was a girl of 16 to a regent of 70.

(Photo Source: Tang Wei Instagram)


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