YouTube chef gets creative by selling advertisements placed over her boobs


To become famous YouTuber chefs, there are many ways to stand out such as cooking miniature foods using miniature cooking equipment. But what if you are just an ordinary office lady or OL who has a not-so-ordinary upper body?

On YouTube channel Kuma Cooking, the apparently Japanese host, who is unnamed and unidentified, cooks simple dishes like garlic fried rice (above) while wearing a tight-fitting top. “Kuma” features dishes that are easy for working adults to prepare, especially for those who stay alone or only need to cook a meal for one.

But apparently, viewers don’t really care about what she is cooking, with comments from viewers mostly lusting after her bust. One commenter says, “This is a video of boobs. Why is there cooking?”

As a passive aggressive response to her lewd audience, Kuma decided to one-up them with a white and tightly clad T-shirt which read “Look at my dish”.

But of course, it was a fruitless attempt to get her lascivious fans to focus on her cooking, so she made use of this opportunity to place sponsors of her videos on her T-shirt. Well, it’s a win-win-win situation, right? She gets paid for the ads, the sponsors get their reach, and the audience willingly indulge in the ads.

For example, Kuma plugs a brand of coconut water while making banana yoghurt. In the video below, her T-shirt says, “Aqua Cocos 100% Coconut Water”.

 Another ad featured on her chest says, “Use Eko Eko if you want to clear your trash”.

If you wish to ride on this ad space, it’s not too late. Kuma Cooking is still looking for advertisers, as she wore a top in a recent video (below) displaying the hashtag “advertisements wanted”. She’s more than happy to help you publicise your products and services on her bust!

As for us, we can’t decide whether to laugh or cry at the fact that such an advertising platform exists…


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