7 Must Eat Dishes at Soi 47 Thai Food!


If you are going to renew your passport at the ICA building and want some good food after; you’ll need to try Soi 47 Thai Food.

Located at King George’s Avenue, the restaurant’s second outlet is just a 10 minutes’ walk away from Lavender MRT station.

Soi 47 Thai Food at 111 King George’s Ave, Singapore 208559

Soi 47 Thai Food

But what really makes Soi 47 stand out from the numerous Thai restaurants in Singapore is its authentic AND affordable Thai food! The prices are much lower than other restaurants of the same quality standards and they do NOT use any added MSG!

Chef Arm from Soi 47 thai food

Chef Arm

Meet Chef Arm, the head chef of Soi 47 Thai Food (King George’s Ave). Ang first opened the Toa Payoh outlet in 2017 after spending three years in Thailand learning from the chefs. Now his staff, like Chef Arm, are mostly from Thailand and they strive to serve authentic Thai food in Soi 47.

So, you are feeling a little spoilt for choice with their extensive menu, don’t worry! We have the top seven dishes that Ang, the owner of Soi 47 Thai Food, recommends you try at his restaurant.

First dish- Papaya Salad ($3.80)

Papaya Salad from Soi 47 Thai Food also known as Som Tam in Thailand

Papaya Salad

“A must have when you are having a Thai feast.”

Papaya Salad or Som Thai is a classic Thai appetiser made from shredded unripe papayas.

The flavours are tangy, sweet, and a little spicy, perfect for 开胃 (kai wei) or whetting your appetite so you’ll be ready for the next dish!

unripe papaya shreds, tangy, sweet and spicy

Best appetizer to kick off your meal!

Second dish- Stuffed Chicken Wing with Minced Meat ($6.80)

Stuffed chicken wings with minced meat at Soi 47 Thai Food, best chicken wing

Stuffed chicken wings with minced meat.

Just when you thought fried chicken wings couldn’t get any better, these chicken wings will blow you away!

Deboned and stuffed full of minced meat, you can take a big crisp bite of delicious and juicy meat without worrying about bones.

Chicken wing stuffed with minced meat coated with egg for a crispy texture

Coating wings with egg for a crispy texture.

Third dish- Steam Seabass with Thai Lime Sauce ($19.00)

Steamed seabass with thai lime sauce, tender meat, fresh produce, best seabass in singapore

Steamed Seabass with Thai Lime Sauce

Tell us where else you can get a whole fish for less than $20. We’ll wait!

Fresh, tender meat paired with the spicy sauce; the price is not the only thing that keeps customers coming back for more.

Ang is also very particular about serving fresh seafood in his restaurants. Hence, you can be assured that you’re getting good but cheap food!

spicy and fresh steamed seabass from Soi 47 Thai Food, cooked with lime and spices

Soup drizzled on the seabass for a more flavourful taste!

Fourth dish- Claypot Tang Hoon with Prawns ($10.00)

Tangy claypot tanghoon with fresh prawns

Claypot Tanghoon with Prawns

“This savoury dish will definitely satisfy your appetite.”

We couldn’t have said it better as this highly recommended dish is deceptively simple but so flavourful.

Reminiscent of the Chinese dish of steamed prawns and tang hoon, this dish is just as delicious if not better!

The prawns are fresh and succulent and the tang hoon is bursting with flavour from having absorbed the sauce. No wonder this is the best-selling dish on the menu!

Tanghoon with fresh prawns at Soi 47 Thai Food, Best Tanghoon in Singapore

Tangy Tanghoon with fresh and juicy prawns!

Fifth dish- Green Curry with Chicken ($6.00)

Creamy green curry with chicken topped with chili padi

Green Curry with Chicken

For those who love curry but can’t really take too much spice, this Green curry is perfect.

Thick, sweet, and milky, the curry goes well the rice and is great for sharing or having a hearty meal!

You can also choose to have either chicken, prawns, or seafood with your curry.

Green curry with vegetables and chicken, spicy

Filled with generous amount of ingredients.

Sixth dish – Tom Yum Soup with Seafood ($6.80)

Tom yum soup with seafood, mussels, prawns, spicy

Tom Yum soup with Seafood

“What is Thai food without a good bowl of tomyum soup?”

Do you prefer clear or cream tom yum? Well, Soi 47 offers both with options of seafood, prawn or chicken! But as the seafood is really fresh here, customers prefer the seafood option!

No matter which style you choose, the tomyum soup is just sour and spicy which goes perfectly with rice.

Tom yum soup with generous amount of seafood such as prawns, mussels, sotong

Generous amount of fresh Seafood

Seventh dish- Red Ruby ($3.00)

Red Ruby with shaved ice and coconut milk, topped with red ruby and dried fruits

Red Ruby

A traditional Thai dessert that needs no introduction and a great contender against the usual mango sticky rice.

The ice is shaved on the spot and drizzled with sweet red syrup and fresh coconut milk. Topped with red rubies (tapioca-covered water chestnuts) that gives a chewy crunch, this dessert is perfect for Singapore’s scorching hot weather!

topping the shaved ice with red ruby, sweet dessert

It’s snowing Red Ruby!!

Now that you know the top seven recommendations from owner And, which of these dishes would you be trying at Soi 47 Thai Food?


Soi 47 Thai Food (King George’s Ave)

111 King George’s Avenue, Singapore 208559

Tel: +65 6255 4747

Opening Hours (Mon—Sun): 11:30am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10pm


Soi 47 Thai Food (Toa Payoh)

Blk 47 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #01-130, Singapore 310047

Tel: +65 62664747

Opening Hours (Mon—Sun): 11:30am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10:00pm



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