Kenix Kwok has no plans for a comeback anytime soon


31 Dec – Although her husband Frankie Lam is now the new Vice president of Asia Television Ltd (ATV), Kenix Kwok said that it does not ensure her return to showbiz.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who has been away from the limelight since the birth of her daughter, shared that she would like to focus on being a good mother to her child for now when asked by the media of her plans at the Miss Asia 2019 pageant recently.

“Our daughter is a very good girl, but we have a very deep relationship. She wants me to spend more time with her,” she said.

However, Kenix dismissed the idea that she is retired for good, adding that she would make a comeback in the future when the time is right and a good project comes along.

Kenix’s last drama was the 2009 TVB series, “Born Rich”.

(Photo Source: HK01)


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