Natalia Vodianova marries Antoine Arnault


Natalia Vodianova marries Antoine Arnault

Antoine Arnault and Natalia Vodianova

On New Year's Eve, 37-year-old Natalya Vodianova announced that she would soon marry a 42-year-old French businessman Antoine Arnault. The model posted on Instagram a joint photo with her lover and showed an engagement ring with an impressive diamond.

Antoine Arnault and Natalia Vodianova

This year was beautiful and very memorable. 2020 we are ready. Can't wait to celebrate next year with our beloved Antoine Arnault,

– signed a large mother of many.

In comments, Natalia was asked about the upcoming event, but the star only confirmed that she was really getting married with a short and concise “Yes”. But she did not begin to talk about exactly how Antoine proposed to her.

Recall that Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault met in 2008, and began to communicate closely only after three years. The initiator of the meeting was Antoine himself – the son of billionaire Bernard Arnault, the wealthiest man in France and one of the richest people in the world. The Arno family owns the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy fashion empire.

Natalia does not even remember this. And then I saw her for the first time, and my jaw literally fell away. She, of course, is beautiful, but there is something special in her – a look, an atmosphere. A completely special aura hovers around her,

– he said in an interview with W.

In May 2014, their first common son, Maxim, was born, and in June 2016, Roman. Prior to this, the model was married to Justin Portman. From him, the model gave birth to three children: the daughter Neva (in March 2006) and the sons of Lucas (in December 2001) and Victor (in September 2007).

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