Review of the most striking films and interviews by Dude over the past year


Review of the most striking films and interviews by Dude over the past year

Yuri Dud

For a whole year we watched with interest the work of Yuri Dudy. SPLETNIK.RU has collected the most memorable issues on the YouTube channel "vDud". We tell you why you should see each of them.

The most outstanding hero – "Antokha. Journey from Magadan to Europe"

The protagonist of this issue was not a politician, not a star of show business and not a popular blogger, but a man "from the people" Р33-year-old Anton Myznikov from Magadan (he was a driver in the issue about Kolyma and was never outside the former USSR). In 1 hour 40 minutes we will see how Yuri and Antokha, starting from Portugal (Cape Roca), travel through the "non-poppy" cities of Europe. They visited Bilbao, San Sebastian, Oviedo, Santiago de Compostela, Porto, Nazar̩ and Lisbon.

Traveling is an integral part of prosperity and progress. If you see how an alien world works, it’s much easier for you to equip your own world. Well, if it’s really bad somewhere, it’s better to find out about it yourself, and not from the fiery speeches of people from TV, – the journalist is sure.

It turned out a spiritual release, in which Anton surprised with genuine emotions, spontaneity and humor.

The most popular issue is “Yegor Creed – leaving Black Star and calling Cross”

An interview with Yegor Creed about leaving the Black Star, fees and money, a future wife and sex, conflicts in show business and the scandal with the disruption of the concert in Abu Dhabi got 19.4 million views.

Dud also asked uncomfortable questions about the Rotenberg family (according to rumors, the couple "bought" Creed for 250 million rubles) and about fictitious relations with Daria Klyukina. Apparently, the topic of personal life interested fans most of all. At least in the comments below the video, his love affairs are still being discussed.

I had a lot of girls, this is a very large number, I do not want to talk about it, to be honest. But I can probably single out only three or four with whom I had a serious relationship and to whom I had feelings, – admitted the musician.

The most soulful – "Beslan. Remember"

The other day, the YouTube video service presented the results of 2019, listing the videos that scored the most views and likes of users in the world and in Russia in particular.

A special niche in the Russian-language segment was occupied by documentaries. Yuri Dud this year set the bar even higher. Multimillion-dollar views of the Beslan. Remember and Kolyma – Homeland of Fear episodes eloquently show that the YouTube community is ready to constructively discuss even the most complex and controversial issues, – noted on YouTube.

In four months, the three-hour film on the Beslan terrorist attack in 2004 was watched about 19 million times.

Yuri Dud himself for the picture received the prize “Profession – Journalist – 2019” and handed over a monetary reward to women from the Association of Victims of Terrorist Acts “Mother of Beslan”.

The journalist wanted to show that Beslan is not only a nightmare of 2004, but also very strong people who have been waging a heroic struggle for their health and happiness for a decade and a half. Some of the characters told Dudu about the expensive rehabilitation abroad, in particular in Germany, and the need to continue it. After the film was released, the State Duma even introduced a bill on the right of victims of a terrorist attack in Beslan to treatment abroad.

The most shocking – "Kolyma – the birthplace of our fear"

This is the ninth documentary of Yuri Dude. During the filming, Yuri travels two thousand kilometers along the Kolyma highway from Magadan to Yakutsk, along the way telling about historical events, people who lived in Kolyma during and after the Stalinist repressions.
I always thought: where does the older generation get this fear, this desire to smear everything with gray paint? Why are they afraid that even for the least courage the punishment will surely fly in? My hypothesis: this fear arose in the last century and reached us through generations. One of the places where this fear appeared is Kolyma, – says the journalist at the beginning of his film.

After the release of the picture, a flurry of criticism fell upon Dudya (from Sergey Shnurov, Zakhar Prilepin and Maxim Shevchenko). Critics either completely refute what Dudem said or called the film very superficial.

The most “upset” – “Davidich – a huge interview about life after prison”

In May, Dud released an interview with Eric Kituashvili, better known as Davidich. The famous video blogger, street racer, founder of website was arrested in February 2016 on charges of especially large-scale fraud (obtaining insurance against forged documents), as well as defamation of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In a two-hour interview, they talked about what had changed in Russia since Davidich was in jail, Putin, Oleg Tinkov, Nemagia, advertising contracts, YouTube and much more.

The most informative – "Batygin – the Russian star of world science"

The most non-trivial guest of one of the editions of the vDud program was Konstantin Batygin, a 33-year-old astrophysicist and lecturer at the California University of Technology.

He is known as a co-author of the hypothesis of the existence of the Ninth Planet, put forward on the basis of observations of anomalies in the movement of trans-Neptune objects. A few years ago, Forbes included him on the list of 30 scientists under 30 who changed the world. Interviews were appreciated by people far from science, and almost unanimously called it "the coolest in the entire project."

In an interview, Batygin told how he ended up in the United States, how he combines teaching at the university with playing in a rock band and how his astronomical research is going on, as well as his attitude to Ilon Mask and the question of the existence of aliens.


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