Rohit Shetty reveals Katrina Kaif plays a doctor in Sooryavanshi, jokes he is fed up with her ‘too many questions’


Rohit Shetty, who will direct Katrina Kaif for the first time in his upcoming cop drama Sooryavanshi, is already having a tough time answering her questions. On Neha Dhupia’s podcast No Filter Neha, the filmmaker said that she asks “too many questions” and he just switches off after a while.

Akshay Kumar et al. sitting on a motorcycle: Rohit Shetty will bring together Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif after a decade in Sooryavanshi. ()© Provided by Hindustan Times
Rohit Shetty will bring together Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif after a decade in Sooryavanshi. ()

“She is wearing a normal salwar kameez, she is playing a doctor in the film. And she is like, ‘Is this right?’ So much theory, I can’t do. After a point, I am switched off. ‘Do you think this grey colour is nice?’ Arre, salwar kameez hai. Tu doctor hai. Please aa na, set pe (It’s just salwar kameez, you are a doctor. Just come to the sets please),” he said.

According to Rohit, Sooryavanshi is a “normal, middle-class film”, unlike Karan Johar’s films, where clothes play an important role. “Tu kapda pehen aur aa (Just wear the clothes and come), it’s like a normal, middle-class film. Come, please!” he sighed.

Sooryavanshi reunites Katrina with Akshay Kumar after a decade; they last worked together in Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan, which released in 2010. When asked about why he chose to cast them together, Rohit said that it “just happened” as he thought that she was right for the part.

“It just happened. Katrina always wanted to do a film with me and we wanted to work together. This was a film where I thought she will be right for the character – the age and the character both. I thought she was the right choice and it happened,” the director said. He added that he realised later that Akshay and Katrina had not worked together for so many years.

Rohit was also asked who takes more time to get ready – Ranveer Singh or Deepika Padukone – and he chose the former. “I think Ranveer. He prepares a lot. It’s not like he is getting ready make-up mein. He is very quick but he prepares a lot before he is on set. Deepika is chilled out,” he said, adding that once she knows the character, she does not ask any questions.

While Rohit directed Ranveer in Simmba, he worked with Deepika in Chennai Express.

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