Tech trends we want to see in 2020 – Video


This is Cnet and here is the tech we want to say in 2020.
This year we’re expecting big things from 5G but after carriers rolled out limited coverage and the first round of 5G handsets last year, this is the year we want to say 5G hit the mainstream It won’t come cheap but with five j set to underpin everything from driverless cars to robotic surgery, we want to get a hands on it.
Also begin 2020 the console was Sony set to release the PlayStation five and Microsoft has its Xbox project Scarlet Judah hit by the holidays this year.
But we’re hoping for more than just dinner and faster new controllers and ways to interact, seamless graphics, faster loading and backwards compatibility.
We want it all.
And our final wish simplified streaming that we said it After the launch of Disney plus an Apple TV plus last year, we’ve realized just how many streaming services we need to be signed up to these days with streaming in 2020 become cable without the cord.
We’re hoping we won’t have to fork out for 100 new virtual channels just so we can stay up to date with the shows worth watching.
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