Crystal Fung denies steamy scene in past drama caused her breakup


2 Jan – Crystal Fung has dismissed the notion that her relationship with long-time boyfriend Martin ended because of her career as an actress.

As reported on Mingpao, following the actress’ announcement, rumours circulated that the breakup might have something to do with her romantic scenes with her male co-stars, with the last straw being the previous steamy scene with Jonathan Cheung in their 2019 drama, “The Man Who Kills Troubles”.

Speaking to the media about the speculations, the actress, who announced her breakup with her doctor boyfriend earlier this week, shared that their decision had nothing to do with her work.

“He has always been supportive and understanding of my work. I saw the reports and just laugh it off. It was nonsense,” she said.

Crystal also admitted that a lot of friends were saddened by the news of their breakup, but that she hopes everybody will respect their decision.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Cheung, who was asked about the supposed romance scenes ruining his co-star’s relationship, stated that he was unsure of what actually happened but would understand how such a scene would make one’s significant other feel uncomfortable.

“Neither Crystal nor I enjoyed filming it. But as an actor, sometimes you just have to do it,” he added.

(Photo Source: Crystal Fung Instagram)


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