Listen to this: 8 podcasts that smart women make


Listen to this: 8 podcasts that smart women make

Last year, more and more people listened to podcasts, their audience is constantly growing, in any smartphone you can find dozens of materials on various topics. And what’s even more pleasant – more and more talented women in Russia make their own shows. SPLETNIK offers you its selection of truly interesting female podcasts.

If you have an iPhone, then it has a full-time application "Podcasts"If Android, then most likely you have Google podcasts. But there are still plenty of programs and applications – for example, Overcast, Pocket casts, Castbox, Spotify and "Yandex.Music"and you can also listen to podcasts on your computer in your browser.

1. "Russian sex stories"

This year's most talked about podcast. Journalist Katya Krongauz talks about sex with a variety of people. In the course of work, it quickly turned out that talking about sex is rarely when it is just about sex, it is about society, politics, attitude to oneself. For one of the episodes, Katya went on an expedition and talked with the inhabitants of a village about what sex was like in the USSR. In another episode, Katya spoke with heroes over 70 about what sex was like at their age. There are episodes of betrayal, the About It program, and the porn industry.

2. "Either come out or not"

A podcast about neophyte adventures in business – TV presenter Lika Kremer, together with her business partner, journalist Katya Krongauz, is building a podcast studio called Either / Either. And despite the fact that this young studio can be considered one of the most successful in Russia, the heroines of the podcast have a hard time. Lika and Katya are building their business together with the audience and are not hiding anything from them, “Either it will come out or not” is arranged as a fascinating series.

In one episode, Lika and Katya go to the corporate psychotherapist so as not to kill each other, in the other Lika cries because of problems with bookkeeping, by the middle of the season studio employees who are already burnt out cry and have to turn to a clinical psychologist for help. Each podcast has a guest who helps the authors solve their problem. Such expert assistants included producer and director Timur Bekmambetov, entrepreneur Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper, publisher Ilya Krasilshchik, investor Lev Leviev and blogger Adel Miftakhova.

3. "NORM"

"NORM" began with a conversation in the kitchen. Journalists Nastya Kurgan and Dasha Cherkudinova once decided to record their conversation. From a self-made podcast "NORM" has grown into a professional project on how the world is changing and we along with it. Girls discuss with their heroes topics that are close to all of us: is it possible to be in a long relationship and cope with crises, keep the attraction for years and not leave after the birth of children? How to live in Russia, if you are a representative of a non-titular nation and even outwardly differ from the rest? How to understand when it’s time and whether it is possible to start a business if ordinary work is disgusting? How to buy an apartment and not go crazy? What is friendship in the understanding of modern people?

4. "Take care of yourself"

Ksenia Krasilnikova already appeared on the pages of "Gossip" when she talked about her personal story: after the birth of her son, Ksenia wanted to commit suicide. Fortunately, she was able to find help and support – a year and a half Ksenia was treated for postpartum depression. She wrote a book about her experience, "Not Just Tired. How to Recognize and Overcome Postpartum Depression." Ksenia is an active educator. Together with other enthusiasts, Daria Utkina and Maria Karnovich-Valois, Ksenia launched the “Take care of yourself” podcast. With amazing enthusiasm and optimism, all three talk about the difficulties of parenting, the well-being of mothers and how to support themselves in a difficult time after the birth of a child.

5. "It's a failure"

Christina Wazowski's podcast about situations in which something goes wrong. Podcast heroes sincerely and openly talk about their failures. According to Christina, the world is full of stories of failures, which are a point of growth. So you failed, and then perked up like a phoenix, and everything became even better than it was. But does failure necessarily have to be the beginning of something, or can it just remain failure? Christina speaks with the heroes not only about the failures that turned out to be good luck, but also about the failures that hurt, the funny ones that you can already laugh at.

6. "It is not simple"

A podcast about finding your own business, your profession and the courage that is required for this. And, of course, about fear and doubt along this difficult path. Ksenia Schultz herself experienced a professional crisis. In her podcast, Ksenia talks to people who have been through a similar search for themselves or are going through a similar one right now. Designer Nelly Nedre, entrepreneur Varia Vedeneeva, photographer Julia Mayorova, artist Liza Smirnova, workaholic coach Olya Polishchuk and many other wonderful characters share their stories with Ksenia.

7. "Is that sex?"

Alina Danilova, Maria Konstantinidi, Alina Yaskova and Senya Avchinnikov ask a variety of questions about sex: why do we need sexologists, what is virginity, can sex survive a long relationship, who are polyamorous, is it hard to be a pornstar, what happens at sex trainings.

In an interview with Wonderzine, the project team noted that "sex is not just body movements and biochemistry, we conceptualize sex from a cultural, political, artistic and even business side."

8. "Mamakast"

Anya Kovaleva recently became a mother and started the Mamakast audio diary, in which she is trying to figure out parenthood issues. According to Ani, she does not know anything about raising children, but at the same time she wants to maintain the active life that she had before the birth of the child. In the podcast, Anya shares her discoveries and chatters with other mothers, whom she calls omnipotent and inspiring. Among them there are mothers of large families with successful businesses (for example, Tanya Liberman), blogger Mila Levchuk, founder of Setters communications agency Alina Chichina and others.


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