Rosina Lam to take legal action against harassers


31 Dec – Rosina Lam recently revealed that she is now in contact with her legal team in order to resolve the issue surrounding the allegations made against her husband, businessman Jason Mok.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who spoke to the media at the opening ceremony of TVB’s new series “Sinister Beings”, shared that she has already made her official statement regarding the matter – that her husband has no debts nor did he commit any illegal acts.

“Thank you for your concern. We really have no financial issues. We will definitely pursue this to the end through legal channels,” she said.

Rosina added that she has even filed a complaint to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, after receiving hundreds of harassing and intimidating phone calls and messages every day.

“For many years, these people have threatened us and now they are falsely accusing us. But we’re the right ones,” she added.

Rosina stated that the issue has seriously affected her family’s life and reputation, and that she will be following up with the police soon.

The actress recently took to social media to deny allegations made by a tabloid that her husband was having financial issues, and that the businessman supposedly threatened the life of one Mr. Chen, resulting in mainland police issuing a warrant for Jason’s arrest.

(Photo Source: Rosina Lam Instagram)


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