The Essential Garden Maintenance Tools You Need These Days


Below is a list of products that have been tried and tested to help you maintain your dream garden in this modern age.


Every avid gardener’s dream is to discover both the best quality and most easy to use tools to help maintain their garden. With a lot of products on the market, it is hard to truly know what the right buy is and which products actually work. Below is a list of products that have been tried and tested to help you maintain your dream garden in this modern age.

Oscillating Hoe

A great product for keeping your garden weed-free is an oscillating hoe; its razor-sharp blade goes beneath the surface of the soil and destroys weeds at their most vulnerable point, at the root. By targeting this part of the weeds the likelihood of them stopping growing, or at least slowing their growth process, is higher than trying to rip weeds out from the top. It has a long handle allows users to reach isolated spaces without ruining vegetable patches or flowerbeds making it a brilliant tool for gardeners.

The Lawnmower

A lawnmower is a staple buy for any keen gardener; it is a traditional product that is still the best way to tend to your lawn today. It allows for a quick and easy solution to an unruly lawn, giving its users an instantly neat and tidy garden space. This tool is globally recognized and is a main feature in all garden centers and stores. It has earned its universal status due to its ease of use, value for money and availability, inferring its popularity with all gardeners alike. To gain more knowledge, you can check out websites like for particular types of lawnmower.

In recent years cordless lawnmowers have been redeveloped, making them more useful for the average gardener. They are diversified in size to match one’s garden size and needs and can be used anywhere without restriction, unlike traditional lawnmowers. Cordless mowers are considerably quieter than their counterparts and due to their battery-operated features, they can be started at the touch of a button. As Cordless models are battery powered they are considered better for the environment, a greener investment as opposed to petrol lawnmowers and as they are constantly evolving and being targeted with innovation some fun prototypes, such as the robot mower, are developed for the more tech-forwarded gardener.


Secateurs are another gardening necessity; the tool can be used for a plethora of jobs such as, clean up, cutaway and trim bushes, stems, weeds and any other foliage that is unwanted in your garden. Gardeners use these to give shape to their plants, bushes, and flowerbeds, sometimes creating artistic masterpieces. Secateurs come in all shapes and sizes; they should be bought relevant to the gardeners end usage goals. If one is looking to undertake heavy-duty jobs, then a more robust pair of secateurs with a sharp blade is needed.

Gardeners tending to vegetable patches or flowerbeds will definitely need a decent spade to re-dig beds and turn over the soil to grow more crops. The spade is used to dig, loosen the ground and beak up lumps of earth due to its sharp edge. The spade is considered a chief implementation tool by horticulture and agricultural workers; its ease of use and ability to re-design the landscape of a garden through the use of one’s hands is a massive selling point. As a spade is used to dig trenches or separate areas of a garden through moving the soil, this is done in conjunction with a wheelbarrow.


A wheelbarrow is a handy tool used to transport all gardening products, soil, plants, and flowers. Due to its deep tray-like base, it is a great place for storage and in general, it takes a strain off of the gardeners back. The tool is used to carry relatively small loads and increase the ease of transport around the garden. Recently an electric wheelbarrow has been developed to make the transportation of gardening materials even easier.

Garden Trowel and Hand Forks

The garden trowel and hand forks are some of the most useful gardening tools on the market, they should be purchased with a comfortable handle and a well-fitted blade that will hold on and not come loose after rigorous use. These are used for potting plants; digging flowerbeds and working close up with the plants and vegetables, as opposed to the full-length shovel, which is for more heavy-duty jobs.

This list is comprised of the essential garden maintenance tools highlighted by actual gardeners and although there are a lot more that could be discussed, these are the top picks to help cultivate your dream garden.


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