“The Rescue” stars share difficulties filming the Dante Lam movie


2 Jan – The cast of Dante Lam’s “The Rescue” recently admitted that they had to face their fears filming the movie, knowing full well how the said filmmaker – known for films like “Operation Red Sea” and “To The Fore” – does his work.

As reported on Oriental Daily, Eddie Peng, Carlos Chan, and Ian Wang recently spoke about the dangerous things they had to do for the sake of the film during an appearance at the promotional event held in Sanya.

Said Eddie, the scariest thing for him filming the movie was when Dante would add new scenes.

“The director added the scenes with the icy water in the last minute. He even sent three trucks of ice. The harder the shoot, the more I kept questioning myself… who am I? Where am I? This is too difficult!” he said, light-heartedly.

As for Carlos, the actor said that the toughest scenes for him involved fire.

“During the shoot, they would use real fire and we had to run while sparks fly everywhere. We also had to carry a lot of gears while running back and forth. It was physically challenging,” he said.

Nonetheless, he assured that Dante took extra measures to ensure that they were safe while filming the scenes.

Ian Wang, who admitted to have fear of heights, revealed that Dante asked him to do the scenes involving high places without a stunt double.

“I gave it a try so that we can complete the shoot. I was tense and could never relax from start to finish,” he said.

(Photo source: Singtao Daily)


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