What to do and eat at The Conscious Festival 2019


SINGAPORE – November is World Vegan Month, and what started as just one dedicated day on 1 November, has grown into a whole month to celebrate the vegan lifestyle all over the world.

In light of this, the sustainability festival, The Conscious Festival by Green is the New Black will be held from Nov 2-3 (it will be vegan!).

The Conscious Festival is an almost zero waste & vegan event where fun and sustainability go hand in hand. It is a market featuring over 100 mindful brands, transformative talks, delicious healthy eats, organic booze, interactive art, and games with a purpose.

Whether you are sussing out meat-free options, looking to shop sustainable brands or just want to know more about what you can do for sustainability, here are the top picks of The Conscious Festival, as shared by founder Stephanie Dickson.

The Conscious Festival. (PHOTO: Green Is The New Black)


IMPOSSIBLEâ„¢ burger

“The plant-based IMPOSSIBLEâ„¢ burger by The Good Burger is a guilt-free option for those who still want a cheeseburger without sacrificing animals. It tastes just like meat – only a lot kinder and much better for the world!”

Vegan cocktails

“A lot of alcohol brands use animal-derived preservatives but not Sparkle. Their cocktails are vegan-friendly with plant-derived preservations to keep their alcohol in quality condition so you can drink away feeling great and doing your part for the world.”

Vegan gelato

“Butterknife Folk is a small-batch artisanal gelateria offering vegan gelato flavors. You can enjoy gelato without feeling so sinful because these flavours from Butterknife Folk are vegan.”



“Due to their structure, tires take thousands of years to decompose therefore there is a massive amount of tire waste in the world. Indosole took recycled tires and made them into durable, waterproof slides and flip flops in different colours.”


“Deploy sources fabrics from environmentally certified textiles suppliers. All production off-cuts are salvaged and re-used or up-cycled into fashion pieces, ensuring zero waste.”


“Eden + Elie is a Singapore-based ethically-sourced jewellery brand that infuses modern design aesthetics with handcrafted heritage bead weaving traditions.”


Natural Bedding Products

“European Bedding’s mattresses are made from 100% natural organic latex – tapped from organically-grown rubber trees free of pesticides and fertilisers, and made without any springs, synthetic foams or glue.”

App for vegan options

“Find reviews and recommendations for vegan-friendly food, restaurants and products near you with the Abillionveg app! Every review raises funds for animal rescue groups.”

Fibre Toilet Paper

“Local toilet paper brand NooTrees uses 100% bamboo pulp instead of wood pulp to make their toilet paper. Their products can also be found at FairPrice stores.”


Hair products

“Handmade in Singapore, Skincare Co makes your hair really happy with solid shampoos and conditioner bars that are natural and biodegradable in ingredients and packaging.”

Skincare Co at The Conscious Festival. (PHOTO: Green Is The New Black)


“From luxury skincare brands to drugstore skincare lines, many of them boasts of natural ingredients. However, most of them also contain chemicals which can cause more harm to our skin. FrankSkincare is a Singapore based luxury skincare that is made with 100% organic certified ingredients.”

Natural Deodorants

“ZeroYet100 makes natural deodorant free of hormone disruptors, aluminum, parabens, and toxins. These work well in Singapore’s humidity, and they are handmade and handcrafted in Hong Kong.”


Food Rescue

“The volunteer outfit, Ugly Food, goes to wholesale markets to collect unsold and excess vegetables and fruits – including “ugly food”, which is a common cause of commercial food waste – to distribute them to homes and community fridges.”


“Companies can use the EcoMatcher platform to gift trees they plant on behalf of the customers, or plant a whole forest and distribute the trees to each of their employees, or gift trees as a reward for finalising a survey.”


Ethical Opportunities In The Climate Crisis, Saturday 2 November, 2:20pm – 5:00pm

“100 companies are held responsible for 71% of the world’s total carbon emissions, if we truly are committed to making a difference, it is crucial for us to look deeper at the private sector and how our system is built because we all rely on fossil fuels, whether it’s the way we dress up, what we eat, or how we move.”

Speakers include Barney Swan, the first man to walk the South Pole fueled only by renewable energy, Szue Hann Tan, Managing Director of Miniwiz Singapore, and many more.”

Rising Seas, Rising Youths, Sunday 3 November, 10:50am – 1:30pm

“Hear speakers including Green is the New Black founder and co-founder Paula Miquelis, Chief Sustainability Officer of City Developments Limited, Esther An and Chief, Strategic Communication and External Relations of WWF Singapore, Kim Stengert discuss the role of zero waste in the face of the climate crisis and look to empower younger generations to turn the tide on climate change and redefine their own future — because the power of the youth is unwavering.”

Buy your tickets here for the TALKS at The Conscious Festival by Green is the New Black.


Opening Ceremony By WeDance & Stage 6

“Stage 6 is partnering with We Dance and Green is the New Black to bring you a novel and unique experience that was birthed on the magical island of Ibiza. Show up with an open mind and an open heart to dance with us on a glorious Saturday morning.”

2030SDGs Game by Risa Hatayama

“2030SDGs Game is a multiplayer, in-person, card-based game that simulates taking the “real world” into the year 2030. Learn about UN Sustainable Development Goals and find out how to contribute to a more sustainable world.”

Rehyphen’s Ready, Cassette, Go! Upcycling Workshop By JJ Chuan

“An up-cycling initiative whereby discarded tapes are collected and weaved as an effort to reduce and eliminate e-waste while giving the product new life. Pick a cassette tape or video tape and weave them into a piece of MusicCloth®. Participants will be guided to turn this piece of MusicCloth® into a Singapore City Map poster.

Everyone can learn and decide how they want to continue to support or undertake in their sustainability journey. The Conscious Festival is where enthusiasts can come together for a sense of community and connectivity.”


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