Selena Gomez Shares Never-Before-Seen Pics of Her 2019 — Including Cuddling With Taylor Swift’s Cats


Selena Gomez is reliving some of her favorite 2019 moments.

In a series of posts to her Instagram Story on Wednesday, the 26-year-old shared pics and videos from her life over the last year.

For Gomez, 2019 was a year full of friendship; she spent time cuddling with Taylor Swift’s cats, attending a Kacey Musgraves concert with a group of pals and going on a birthday excursion to the set of Shark Tank with one of her BFFs. 

While friends were a theme of the year, romantic relationships were not. The singer even dubbed 2019 the “year of being the third wheel” — which she “loved” — thanks to all the weddings she attended and couples she hung out with. 

She also made sure to keep up with her charity work, volunteering with the Make-A-Wish foundation and traveling to Kenya, the latter of which she said “changed my life.”

It was a banner year for Gomez professionally as well, with the “Lose You to Love Me” singer sharing moments from recording her new album, shooting a music video and hitting chart-topping milestones. 

Gomez ended the year on a snowy getaway, where she made sure to sign copies of her upcoming album, Rare, which is due out Jan. 10.

In a November interview with Elle, Gomez opened up about why she thinks it’s important to reflect on each year as it ends.

“I think every time the holidays come up, there’s some part of you where you kind of sit and reflect on the year,” she said. “This year was really, really powerful for me. I can say that I’m so proud of how hard I worked.”

“I always just think about what happened, and where I want to go in life, and hope for the best,” she added of her typical holiday.



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