Galaxy S11 at Samsung Unpacked looking likely for Feb. 11 launch, thanks to this video leak



Samsung’s promotional video to announce its next Unpacked event could look like this.

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Samsung could unveil the Galaxy S11 (or Galaxy S20 as some rumors prefer) as soon as Feb. 11, according to the contents of a video posted to Twitter. On Friday, Max Weinbach, a host and writer for XDA Developers, and user @water8192 each tweeted the video, which was discovered on an official press channel on Vimeo.

Weinbach later tweeted that he obtained the video from a Vimeo link left on Samsung’s press page. “Vimeo will show recommended videos at the end, usually the newest videos uploaded to the channel,” Weinbach tweeted as part of a thread. “It will show videos EVEN IF THEY ARE UNLISTED. Samsung, obviously, didn’t know this. So when I went to look at a video from their press page… I ended up having all three videos recommended.”

Weinbach said he alerted Samsung to the issue, after securing the video for posting. Samsung didn’t respond to a request for comment.

The video begins with a black screen, which splits vertically down the middle and retreats to each side, revealing what looks like a white plastic drop cloth printed with the letters “Glxy,” with spaces where the two As would be. The spaces begin moving as objects seem to push up from below the drop cloth. Then as the image turns, the objects settle below the cloth as two white boxes.

Based on rumors and speculation, it’s probable the boxes represent the Galaxy S11 and Samsung’s next foldable phone, which is said to bend vertically and close into a square.

Feb. 11 is the earlier of two rumored dates for Samsung Unpacked, the name Samsung gives its mobile launch events. The other is Feb. 18. Both February dates follow Samsung’s most recent pattern of unveiling the annual Galaxy S series ahead of Mobile World Congress. The world’s largest mobile show starts in late February each year. In 2020, it runs from Feb. 24 to 27.

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First pictures of Galaxy S11?


Samsung has in the past used MWC as a stage to announce Galaxy phones, but in recent years the company has preferred to host its own blockbuster event, where it can build hype and keep its products in the limelight, away from competing brands. 

If Samsung follows last year’s model, it’ll announce a trio of Galaxy S phones before unveiling its rumored foldable phone, its second design after the Galaxy Fold.

Catch up on all the most important Galaxy S11 rumors, including a possible 108-megapixel camera, enormous battery and ultra-large screens.

Originally published Jan. 3.
Update, Jan. 4: Adds new information from Weinbach.


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