Social media users left divided after Birds Eye reveal you can cook their potato waffles in the toaster


Fans of Birds Eye’s potato waffles have been left amazed after it was revealed they had been cooking them all wrong.

The frozen food brand said they could be heated up in the toaster much faster than the oven.

Previously, it was stated the product should be grilled for 15 minutes – however instructions are now being amended on the side of packets.

All you need to do is set your toaster to a medium-high setting before placing them inside like slices of bread.

The brand spent hours testing out the new hack [Image: Birds Eye]

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Birds Eye spent more than 103 hours testing the method on 3,000 waffles before announcing the tip to social media followers.

In a post on Twitter, they wrote: “Did you know, you can cook our potato waffles in the toaster?”

Despite the simplicity of the hack, their corresponding poll revealed that 65 per cent of people had no idea the kitchen appliance could be used – while others said they had been using the method for years.

One person wrote: “Game changer!”

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Another commented: “My wife didn’t believe me! Thanks for confirming!!”

Keen to try it out, a third asked: “From frozen?”

However, many had already been enlisting the handy trick.

One person admitted: “I’ve been cooking waffles in a toaster for probably the last 15-20 years..I thought everyone did this?!”

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Another said: “Always done them in the toaster.”

A third enthused: “Never cooked them any other way.”

Steve Challouma, marketing director at Birds Eye, said: “We know there has been a lot of confusion and debate on this way of cooking our Original Potato Waffles so we decided to put it to the test.

“After days of rigorous ‘toasting’, we’re happy to confirm it is safe to cook our waffles this way and it doesn’t compromise on taste either – you can still expect the same delicious taste that is crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle!”

In other supermarket news, Morrisons’ champagne has been crowned the best own-brand supermarket bubbly.

The budget fizz beat the likes of Harvey Nichols and Waitrose together with offerings from all other supermarkets.

This is according to Good Housekeeping’s annual festive fizz taste test, in which the Morrisons The Best Brut Premier Cru Champagne was awarded 78 points out of 100.

The panel was looking for “a balanced fizz, packed with delicate bubbles, well-integrated rich notes and a pleasant, lasting finish”.

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