Nicole Scherzinger and Tom Evans confirmed their romance


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Nicole Scherzinger and Tom Evans confirmed their romance

Nicole Scherzinger and Tom Evans

41-year-old lead singer Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger and 34-year-old singer Tom Evans first appeared as a couple. They appeared on magazine party In Style. The star immediately posted a photo from the track and to herself on Instagram.

Nicole Scherzinger and Tom Evans

They met on the British talent show X Factor. A former rugby player, Tom came there as part of the Try Star music band. Nicole was one of the judges this season.

Rumors that Nicole and Tom have been dating have been around for a long time. However, Nicole insisted that she was too busy reuniting her group to head deep into romantic relationships. Insiders claimed that the couple spent a lot of time together and more than once went on dates.

Nicole Scherzinger and Tom Evans

He always said that Nicole is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She liked him long before meeting her on the show. At first he was a little nervous, but between them immediately sparked a spark. After several weeks of correspondence, Tom finally got the courage to invite her on a date. They had dinner together, and the romance began,

– said the source.

Nicole Scherzinger

The singer had lived with Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton for eight years, but, not waiting for her beloved marriage, she decided to break off her relationship. An affair with tennis player Grigor Dmitrov also ordered a long life. Tom, in turn, met with British television presenter Kelly Brook and the star of the series "90210: The New Generation" Jessica Lounds.

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