Adam Sandler credits Jennifer Aniston for ‘protecting’ him over kissing comments


Adam Sandler has reflected on Jennifer Aniston’s comments that he’s a good kisser.

The actor most recently appeared alongside his friend and occasional co-star in the Netflix comedy Murder Mystery as Jennifer’s husband, prompting the former Friends star to praise Adam’s kissing skills.

Responding to the comments in an interview with W magazine, the Uncut Gems star said: “Even if I was not great at that, she would try to protect me.”

He went on to confess: “I’m never excited for romantic scenes, but my wife loves the women I work with. She’s always saying, ‘Come on, make sure you kiss the best way you can’.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Sandler spoke about how he originally wanted to be a sports star, rather than a comedian.

“I was obsessed with athletics. Skiing, baseball, football. I had ski posters of guys doing flips and some musicians on my walls,” he told the magazine. “No women on the bedroom wall.”

And he revealed it was his brother who suggested he pursue a career in Hollywood.

“As a kid, I enjoyed screaming stuff out at a movie theater and getting a laugh. I always liked to be a fool, I guess. But I never really thought about this being my job until around 17, when I was applying to colleges. My brother said, ‘Maybe you should be a comedian,'” he laughed.


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