"Angels in the flesh": how albino sisters from Kazakhstan became instagram stars


Albinism is a rare occurrence, so people who are born albinosalways attract attention. So it happened with the Kalaganov sisters from Kazakhstan, 14-year-old Assel and one and a half year old Camilla, who have already become stars not only on Instagram, but also beyond. Get to know these amazing girls closer.

A family

Aselya is the eldest of the children in the Kalaganov family. In addition to Camilla's younger sister, she also has an eight-year-old brother, Aldiyar, who was born with dark skin and dark hair.

Kalaganov family
Kalaganov family

Ayman, the mother of children, says that she gave birth to Asel for a period of eight months. When the doctors saw the girl, at first they could not believe their eyes – before in their practice they had not met with albinos.

The doctors were shocked, they thought she was Russian,

– says 38-year-old Ayman.

Parents of the girl, it must be said, were no less surprised than doctors, since before the eldest daughter was born, they themselves did not know anything about albinism. But then they found out that both of them had albinos in the family.

Ayman with children
Ayman with children

The surprises in the Kalaganov family did not end there. When Camilla was born, everyone again could not believe their eyes, because according to statistics, there is one albino per 20 thousand people, and here in the same family two such girls were born, with a difference of 13 years.

When she was born, I was in shock. I was at school, in class, and then dad called. He says an albino girl was born. I’m like: "I don’t understand. I mean, an albino girl?" He’s like: "Yes, really, an albino girl,"

– recalls Asel.

Camilla and Asel Kalaganov
Camilla and Asel Kalaganov

Now the Kalaganov family is the only one in Kazakhstan in which there are two albino children.

The brother of Aseli and Camilla at first could not understand why the sisters were so different from him, but now he is proudly talking about them.

He understands that they are eyeing the girls, and even begins to boast, proudly telling about the sisters: "But I still have a younger sister,"

Says Ayman.

Camilla and Aldiyar Kalaganov
Camilla and Aldiyar KalaganovAsel and Aldiyar Kalaganov
Asel and Aldiyar Kalaganov

Public reaction

In Kazakhstan, albinos can be found extremely rarely – there are very few of them, so local residents reacted differently to Asel. Aseli's mother said that once her daughter was even mistaken for a doll, and another time a passerby offered her three-room apartment in exchange for a girl.

Once the father-in-law went to kindergarten for Asel, on the way back they met a Russian grandmother. She suddenly started looking at my daughter and said: “Listen, why do you need a Russian granddaughter, I have an only son with a daughter-in-law, they have no children. Can we adopt her, and in return I will give you my three-room apartment?”

Ayman recalls.

Asel Kalaganova
Asel Kalaganova

Asya herself was complexed in her childhood because of her appearance, but then she realized that this was her uniqueness and the main difference from others. Now she has many friends and fans who tell her how beautiful she is.

Camilla and Asel Kalaganov

Asel and Camilla Kalaganov

Popularity and modeling career

Fame came to the girls shortly after a local newspaper wrote about them. Well, then the audience drew attention to their Instagram, where Asel published joint photographs with his sister.

Now they have more than 28 thousand people in their subscribers who do not cease to admire their sisters, calling them either "angels in the flesh", then "snow white", then "porcelain dolls", or simply giving them the definition of "fabulous".

Now girls often receive invitations to take part in photo shoots, and recently Asele was even offered to star in a video clip. She herself is delighted with these offers – the girl dreams of a modeling career. Aselya even took part in a fashion show in the capital of Kazakhstan and recently graduated from modeling courses.


Albinism has several major flaws. Firstly, albinos should not be in the sun, since they have practically no melanin pigment, so every time the girls generously smear their skin with sunblock before they go outside. Otherwise, they may even get burns. In the summer, they spend most of the day at home and go out only with the sunset.

Secondly, both girls have poor eyesight, so they constantly drink vitamins for the eyes and often wear glasses. Aselya even went to a specialized kindergarten and a school for children with low vision until the fifth grade. But over time, she adapted to these difficulties and now says that her problems only temper her. Now she is studying in a regular school along with other children.

Asel, Camilla and Aldiyar Kalaganov with friends
Asel, Camilla and Aldiyar Kalaganov with friends

Future plans

The family is seriously considering moving to the capital of Kazakhstan, but not because there are more opportunities, but because of a climate that is more suitable for the sisters. Aktau, where the Kalaganov family lives, is a very sunny and hot city, and girls should avoid direct sunlight.

Asel Kalaganova
Camilla Kalaganova

Aselya is now in eighth grade, and she is studying very well. Although she dreams of a modeling career, she also plans to get a higher education – she is attracted to the work of a journalist. But most of all, of course, she wants her family and friends to be healthy and happy.

First of all, I dream about happiness, about health for myself and my family. And I really want to achieve more in the modeling business. Now I am happy with my life, because I have a loving family, friends and a large number of people who support me,

– says Aselya.


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