Chinese celebs’ social media recap: Week 30 Dec


6 Jan – Here’s looking at the interesting things our celebrities were doing last week.

It’s very easy when it comes to Shu Qi. You either get a photo of cats on Christmas, or Shu Qi with food on New Year’s Day. And both are quality content that we love.

Cyndi Wang still looks like a 20-year-old, whether it’s the early 2009 or the end of 2019.

Michelle Chen is starting the New Year with a parent-child yoga – where you get fit and enjoy your time with your son. Like killing two birds with one stone.

Jolin Tsai begins the New Year with her highly-anticipated world tour, “Ugly Beauty”. But in this pic, she is all beauty!

After a controversial 2019, Jacqueline Wong just wants to live her life to the fullest. “Because life isn’t stopping for anyone. Go see the world. Do the things you want. Live,” she wrote.

Toby Leung begins her 2020 as a mother, after giving birth to her and husband Jonathan Sze’s first baby boy, Roman. Congratulations!

Raymond Lam ended 2019 with the news that he and girlfriend Carina Zhang are now officially husband and wife. Another congratulations!

And then Stephanie Ho and Fred Cheng surprised us all by announcing that they are engaged to be married. Congratulations!


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