Golden Globe 2020: Highlights of the Ceremony


Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon

The 77th Golden Globe Award ceremony took place in the US tonight. We carefully watched the track and already know the names of the winners, but now we invite you to recall the main points of the ceremony.

Leading sharp jokes

Actor Ricky Dzherweis, known for his sharp statements (the last time he led the Golden Globe four years ago) returned to the role of the host of the ceremony. Stars of the first magnitude also had to tremble in anticipation of barbs – status for Ricky is not an obstacle.

Ricky Gervais

In fairness, he knows how to ironize not only over others, but also over himself. So, he began his speech with the mention of the series with his participation “Life after death” (After Life) – in the story, his hero wants to commit suicide after the death of his wife.

In the end, of course, he will not kill himself. Just like Jeffrey Epstein. Ah shut up, I know that he is your friend,

– said the actor, excited the audience.

Recall, an influential financier was found dead in his prison cell. Epstein was accused of involving minors into prostitution and the organization of an extensive structure that involved young girls in sexual slavery. Well, among his alleged clients were many well-known names, such as Prince Andrew. The death of the financier immediately overgrown with conspiracy theories.

There was a hairpin for the actor Leonardo DiCaprio: Jervais sarcastically responded that the actor always meets girls much younger than himself.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo was at the premiere of his film Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, and by the end of the show his companion was already too old for him,

– said from the scene of Ricky, joking and over the duration of the film Quentina Tarantino (recall, the film goes 2 hours 40 minutes). With irony, the presenter commented on the timing of another picture – “Irishman” (Irishman).

Now we will see a small excerpt from the film – just 88 minutes!

Robert De Niro and Martin ScorseseRobert De Niro and Martin Scorsese

Al PacinoAl Pacino

This time Jervais explained his courage in expressions by the fact that he was leading the ceremony for the last time.

So I don’t care

– said the actor.

Ana de ArmasAna de Armas

Ellen Degeneres

Before the ceremony, he also made parting words for all the winners.

Most of you spent less time at school than Greta Tunberg. So take your reward, thank the agent and god and fail,

Said Jervais from the stage.

It should be noted that the replicas of the host did not always cause a friendly laugh in the hall – many stars did not hide that they were not too impressed with this entertainer.

Thanks to Jervais’s monologue, we now have new memes for reactions,

– Network users were delighted.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Martin ScorseseMartin Scorsese

The appearance of Renee Zellweger after a long break

From 2000 to 2007, the actress was a regular guest of the ceremony. Moreover, Renee was regularly listed among the award nominees and went home three times as a winner.

However, her last triumph at the Golden Globe dates from 2004. Since then major ceremonies Renee avoided. However, this year she had a reason to return to the red carpet. Zellweger was nominated for the role of Judy Garland in the film "Judy" – and won her fourth victory!

Renee Zellweger

You all look cool 17 years later,

She said, accepting the reward.

The unexpected appearance of Beyoncé and JJ

Beyonce was among the nominees of the evening in the category "Best Song", but photographers in vain were waiting for her on the red carpet. The singer and her husband Jay-Z appeared in the midst of the ceremony!

Beyoncé and J-ZBeyoncé and J-Z

However, they did not steal the show – the couple waited patiently when Kate Mackinon introduced Ellen Degeneres, who received a special award for achievements in the field of television, in order to then take her places.


However, Beyoncé and Jay-Z got into the broadcast anyway right away – the director could not miss their appearance. The second frame immediately became viral, and netizens immediately began to discuss the singer’s image, so her name became trendy on Twitter in a matter of minutes.

The first fully vegan banquet menu

The ceremony is impressive, however, not only in spectacles: the banquet should also pass flawlessly, because stars spoiled by haute cuisine will come to the table. This year, chef Matthew Morgan was tasked with creating a menu that would not have meat and dairy products – on the Golden Globe, guests were first offered a fully vegan menu.

The organizers of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) made such a decision in connection with the climate crisis on the planet (it is known that animal husbandry has a strong negative impact on the environment). The innovation was praised by the actor and famous eco-activist Leonardo DiCaprio.

The winner of the Best Actor nomination, Joaquin Phoenix, also noted the vegan menu in his speech, calling this decision an “important signal”.

But for the presenter Ricky Gervais, this was the reason for another joke from the scene.

As you know, this year's menu consists of vegetables alone. Well, just like the HFPA,

– said the actor.

The appetizer served chilled yellow beetroot soup, the main dish was scallops of wild mushrooms with risotto, Brussels sprouts and carrots, and for dessert the stars were spoiled with vegan Opera with sesame pralines and caramelized hazelnuts.

Political speeches and calls to vote

Today, rarely is any creative event dispensed with with political statements, and the 77th Golden Globe ceremony was no exception, although in his address to the public, host Ricky Gervais called on everyone to refrain from making political statements in their speeches. His few obeyed.

So, Patricia Arquette, who received a figurine in the nomination "Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Mini-Series", spoke on a relevant topic.

This night will not go into history books. We will see our country there, the United States of America, on the brink of war, the president, threatening on Twitter with 52 bombs that can be dropped on cultural objects.

Young people risk their lives when traveling around the world, people do not know whether bombs will fall on their children's heads, Australia is on fire. I really love my children and therefore I ask you all to leave them a better world.

For the sake of our children and their children, we must vote in 2020. And we must ask and beg everyone we know to vote in 2020,

– said the actress from the scene.

<img height = "425" width = "640" src = "” alt=”Patricia Arquette” title=”Patricia Arquette”/>Patricia Arquette

I used my opportunity to appeal to fellow citizens and Michelle Williams.

I would not have achieved much in life without my female right to choose. For example, choose when and with whom to have children. Women aged 18 to 118, when the time comes to vote, please do so in your own interests. Men have been doing this for years, so the world is so similar to them. But do not forget that we are more in the country. Let's make the world more like us

– Michelle turned to all women.

Michelle Williams "src =" Williams

However, not everyone mentioned politics in such a serious way. For example, Phoebe Waller Bridge thanked Barack Obama for including the series "Rubbish" among his favorite television shows.

<img height = "425" width = "640" src = "” alt=”Phoebe Waller Bridge” title=”Phoebe Waller Bridge”/>Phoebe Waller Bridge

Thanks to Obama for including us on his list. He was always in mine!

– said Phoebe from the stage.

Phoebe Waller Bridge

Recall that in the series "Rubbish" in one of the episodes, her heroine masturbates to record Barack Obama's speech.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt at the same event

In anticipation of the ceremony, the expected reunion (at least on the red carpet) Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt It was perhaps the most discussed topic. The last time the actors were together at the ceremony back in 2002 – then they were still married.

Alas, the couple’s fans were disappointed: they did not appear together on the red carpet – each posed separately.

Jennifer Aniston "src =" AnistonBrad Pitt "src =" Pitt

But on the frames of the broadcast, you can see that Jennifer and Brad were already separated by a much smaller distance – the actors were sitting at the adjacent tables. Alas, official official shots have not yet appeared.

No longer a secret: Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson are dating

The joint appearance of the ex-couple Aniston and Pitt, the audience did not wait, but then received a new star pair. Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson appeared on the track together, which confirmed their relationship. Rumors about the actors' romance appeared a few weeks ago when the paparazzi found them together in Bill's hometown in Oklahoma.

<img height = "640" width = "425″ title=”Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson ” alt=”Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson "src ="”/>Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson

Brad Pitt joked about the Titanic and mom

That evening, luck smiled at the actor 24 years after his last victory at the Golden Globe. Therefore, in his speech, Pitt first thanked everyone thoroughly: from his rivals (also nominated were Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins and John Pesci, the real legends of Hollywood) to Quentin Tarantino, who invited him to the role in his film.

Brad and his partner in the picture, Leonardo DiCaprio, did not pass over.

I would share the raft

– said Pitt from the stage, joking over the famous scene from the Titanic.

Brad Pitt

The actor also admitted that he was going to come to the event with his mother, but changed his mind – the restless journalists were to blame! The fact is that if Pitt appears in public with a woman, the tabloids immediately attribute him an affair with her!

That would be weird

– said Brad.

Recall, most recently, the media wrote that the actor was meeting with Alia Shokat – and after all, the actors only had to go to the exhibition and to the restaurant together!

Jason Momoa in an alcoholic shirt

Fashionable images of ceremony guests are sometimes discussed with much enthusiasm than the main results of the award! But some stars do not seem to worry at all for their appearance and do not attach much importance to following fashionable formalities.

So, Jason Momoa showed that he feels at home at the ceremony! Appearing before the photographers on the red carpet in a jacket, the actor got rid of him already in the hall and remained in the usual black alcoholic T-shirt!

Jason Momoa "src =" Momoa

The home image melted the hearts of network users – frames from Momoa at the moment scattered across social networks.

Jason Momoa in the top! Just yelling!

Jason Momoa and his best fashion outlet!

If I had the same biceps …

– wrote commentators.

However, if the victory in the nomination “The best fashion moment of the evening” is still not so clear, then the title of the most touching moment can be given without hesitation, because Jason didn’t just get rid of his jacket – he gave it to his wife Lisa Bonet, who probably frozen in the hall! A real gentleman!

Message from Russell Crowe from Australia Fired

However, of course, not only the upcoming elections have become the central theme of the performances of the stars. The assembled could not ignore the terrible fires in Australia, which have been raging on the continent for several weeks.

So, Russell Crowe, who received an award for his role in the series “The Loudest Voice”, could not personally attend the ceremony, as he is now in Australia and protects his house from forest fires. For the guests of the ceremony, the actor sent a message that was read by Jennifer Aniston.

<img height = "640" width = "425″ title=”Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon” alt=”Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon "src ="”/>Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon

Make no mistake, the tragedy unfolding in Australia now lies in climate change. We need to act based on the achievements of science, transfer our global industry to renewable energy sources and respect our planet for the fact that it is a unique and amazing place,

– it was said in the letter.

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon "src ="

Pierce Brosnan delivered a response from the stage.

All of us at the Golden Globes sincerely sympathize with the victims of the fires in Australia. Be strong, and God bless you!

– said the actor from the scene.

<img height = "640" width = "425″ title=”Pier Brosnan” alt=”Pierce Brosnan "src ="”/>Pier Brosnan

However, the matter was not limited to just words. So, already behind the curtains, actress Phoebe Waller Bridge announced that she would auction her Ralph & Russo costume, and she would use the proceeds to fight forest fires in Australia.

<img height = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Phoebe Waller Bridge” title=”Phoebe Waller Bridge”/>

Emotional (and not entirely censored) speech by Joaquin Phoenix

Broadcast directors had to worry when Joaquin Phoenix, who won the award for his role in the movie Joker, went to the microphone.

Joaquin Phoenix "src =" Phoenix

The fact is that the actor’s speech was alternated with swearing every now and then – the word f ** king Phoenix used in almost every sentence.

<img height = "425" width = "640" src = "” alt=”Joaquin Phoenix” title=”Joaquin Phoenix”/>Joaquin Phoenix

We all know that there is no damn competition between us. It’s all invented for advertising and marketing,

– said the actor from the stage, referring to other nominees.

It's nice that many spoke out about climate issues, but we need to do more. Let's not book private jets to Palm Springs,

– Phoenix concluded his speech.

Almost crying Tom Hanks

This year, the actor received an honorary award named after Cecil B. De Mill, and this, it seems, made the actor really feel sorry. In his speech, he spoke warmly about his colleagues and barely held back tears, talking about his wife Rita Wilson and the children. The actor breaking voice, however, explained the common cold.

Tom Hanks

I swear I'm not so emotional in life

– said Hanks.

Aquafina made history

Actress Aquafina received an award for her role in The Farewell, and thanks to that she made history! The fact is that earlier actresses of Asian descent received statuettes only in the nomination "Best Supporting Role". Aquafina managed to win with the main role!


$ 3 million necklace

Many guests attracted attention this evening with their outfits, and actress Cynthia Erivo became a red carpet star thanks to her jewelry.

<img height = "640" width = "425″ title=”Cynthia Erivo” alt=”Cynthia Erivo "src ="”/>Cynthia Erivo

It’s really impossible to go past such a valuable accessory: on Cynthia’s neck was a diamond necklace from Bvlgari worth $ 3 million! However, the Thom Browne dress was not inferior in this race for the attention of the public – it took 800 hours to make it!

And what moments of the ceremony do you remember?

Roman Griffin Davis "src =" Griffin Davis


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