Get an Xbox One S 1TB with Sunset Overdrive for $199



Rakuten is offering an Xbox One S bundle for $199.

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For a moment, I thought Black Friday was back. The Xbox One S with a 1TB drive typically sells for about $205, and that’s the pricing on Amazon right now. But now through Jan. 15, Rakuten is selling the Xbox One S 1TB with Sunset Overdrive for $199. That’s like getting the game for free and still getting a few additional dollars shaved off the top. To get it at this price, you need to be signed into your Rakuten account (you can sign up for free) and enter coupon code ALT20 on the checkout page. You also get 199 Rakuten points, which is worth about $2.

Sunset Overdrive tells a tale as old as time itself: A contaminated energy drink has transformed most of the population into toxic mutants, and you get to use the open game world to vault, wall-climb and grind your way to destroy your mutant adversaries. You can read a full review of Sunset Overdrive on GameSpot. Of course, keep in mind that Sunset Overdrive might list for $60, but it’s about six years old and routinely sells for under $10. So while it’s a good deal, you’re not really saving the full retail price of a new A-list game. 

Something else to consider: The Xbox One S doesn’t have the full 4K game support of its bigger brother, the Xbox One X, but it can play video content at 4K. And don’t forget that a new Xbox console is coming later this year. Even so, $199 is a good deal on an Xbox One S bundle. 

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