Model Ksenia Puntus fell out of the window of the apartment of the grandson of Mikhalkov: facts, versions and comments


Model Ksenia Puntus fell out of the window of the apartment of the grandson of Mikhalkov: facts, versions and comments

Ksenia Puntus

Over the weekend, social media actively discussed the incident that occurred on Saturday morning, January 11th. Under the windows of one of the houses in Trekhprudny Lane, 21-year-old model Ksenia Puntus was discovered. The girl was undressed, she had serious injuries. So, according to the information of the telegram channel "112", she had dislocated hips, a bruise of the spine, pelvis and lungs, multiple bruises, as well as a head injury.

According to preliminary data, Ksenia fell out of the window of the apartment on the third floor, which belongs to the Mikhalkov family. That evening, Ksenia was there in company with her son Anna Mikhalkova and grandson of Nikita Mikhalkov, 20-year-old Andrei Bakov. The case received a wide response in the media – SPLETNIK.RU collected all the information known at that time.

Ksenia PuntusKsenia Puntus


On the night of Friday to Saturday, Ksenia Puntus was resting in company with five more people. After visiting the bar, everyone went to visit Andrei Bakov. What exactly happened in the apartment is still unknown: the data leaked to the media is very contradictory.

Andrey Bakov "src =" Bakov

So, some sources claimed that Andrei immediately fell asleep and did not know what was happening in his apartment. Other insiders said that the grandson of Nikita Mikhalkov was going to be questioned by the police, since everything happened before his eyes. Media later reported that Bakov himself told the police that he had not noticed what had happened, because he was drunk and asleep.

<img src = "” alt=”Ksenia Puntus” title=”Ksenia Puntus” width=”425″ height=”640″/>Ksenia Puntus

The girl was discovered by a public utilities officer at about four in the morning, having heard a woman crying coming from the bushes. Ksenia was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, there were no shoes and socks on the girl, as well as other personal items, for example, a phone and a handbag. The person who discovered her was only able to give her name and did not remember what happened to her. According to an eyewitness, the girl also could not speak coherently, although, according to him, he did not feel the smell of alcohol.

<img src = "” alt=”Andrei Bakov in grandfather Nikita Mikhalkov” title=”Andrei Bakov in grandfather Nikita Mikhalkov” width=”640″ height=”425″/>Andrey Bakov with grandfather Nikita Mikhalkov

The model was hospitalized at the Botkin Hospital with a dislocation of the hip, contusion of the spine, pelvis and lungs, multiple injuries, as well as a traumatic brain injury. The official version of the incident has not yet been announced, but doctors said that such injuries are characteristic of falling from a height of the third or fourth floor.

First reaction

Andrei Bakov's mother Anna Mikhalkova almost immediately closed comments on all the latest posts on her Instagram after information about the incident began to be distributed in the media.

One of the first to comment on the situation was Ales Kafelnikova, who is personally familiar with the victim. The model immediately suggested that the public is unlikely to recognize the true cause of the incident.

She was at a party with a bunch of my friends, whose parents are likely to do everything so that no one finds out the truth. Too bad we pray for her

– wrote Alesia in her story.

Kafelnikova also immediately rejected the version that the case involved drugs.

Ksyusha didn’t use drugs, so we and her whole family know that something wrong happened, but everyone who was at the party deny everything,

– continued Kafelnikova.

<img src = "” alt=”Ksenia Puntus” title=”Ksenia Puntus” width=”425″ height=”640″/>

While the direct participants in the events are physically unable or unwilling to comment, the statements of Bakov’s neighbors got into the press. According to them, nobody lives in this apartment all the time. On the ill-fated night, there were six people. Four of them left after the party, but then returned, but nobody opened the door for them. The neighbors also heard a noise in the apartment and a knock on the walls.

<img src = "” alt=”Ksenia Puntus” title=”Ksenia Puntus” width=”425″ height=”640″/>

Network users also did not leave the situation unattended by attacking the model page on Instagram with comments. True, not everyone was in a hurry to express Puntus wishes for a speedy recovery. So, many felt that Xenia herself was to blame.

Drugs are evil!

When your friend Lesya Kafelnikova, you need to "hang out" in moderation and wisely, girls!

Sorted, probably.

How to stumble to fall out of the window?

– wrote some network users.

<img src = "” alt=”Ksenia Puntus” title=”Ksenia Puntus” width=”425″ height=”640″/>

However, most commentators nevertheless wished Ksenia strength and recovery and tried to appeal to the conscience of less friendly people.

What kind of people are stupid and evil! Just that – just a drug addict! Connoisseurs, you should investigate matters! And the girl is very sorry for a speedy recovery,

– wrote one of the network users.

Andrey Bakov "src ="

Major Versions

The main and first version of what happened was the fall from the window. So, traumatologists, from whom journalists took comments, confirmed that the injuries sustained by the girl are characteristic when falling from a height. However, in parallel, another version appeared in the media – supposedly the girl could be beaten and tossed.

Guys, her legs and ribs are broken. Explicitly hid

– wrote in one of her first comments on the topic of Ales Kafelnikov.

<img src = "” alt=”Ksenia Puntus” title=”Ksenia Puntus” width=”425″ height=”640″/>

The impressions of the janitor who discovered Xenia speak in favor of this version.

It seemed to me that she was thrown out of the car. Or maybe she was a visitor to a restaurant located in this house,

He said in an interview with MK.

<img style = "” title=”Andrei Bakov with aunt Nadezhda Mikhalkova, mother Anna Mikhalkova and brother Sergey” alt=”Andrei Bakov with aunt Nadezhda Mikhalkova, mother Anna Mikhalkova and brother Sergey "src ="” width=”640″ height=”425″/>Andrei Bakov with aunt Nadezhda Mikhalkova, mother Anna Mikhalkova and brother Sergey

What is known about the model itself

21-year-old Ksenia Puntus is a Russian model and actress. She attended the Avant Models model school, collaborated with many Russian and international brands. Her photos were published in popular glossy magazines Tatler, Vogue, Elle and other publications. In addition, Ksenia starred in music videos.

<img src = "” alt=”Ksenia Puntus” title=”Ksenia Puntus” width=”450″ height=”450″/>

Many media wrote that Andrei Bakov is a young man of the girl, but there is no official confirmation of this yet. So, the casting director of the model Dmitry said that the girl had a long time meeting with a young man named Nazar and he had not heard anything from her about Bakov. However, it is possible that the relationship began quite recently, since, according to a friend of Ksenia, they talked earlier.

<img src = "” alt=”Ksenia Puntus” title=”Ksenia Puntus” width=”450″ height=”450″/>

In an interview with MK, the casting director also noted that the model led a healthy lifestyle, and called the drug version "nonsense." In addition, he said that on January 14, Ksenia was supposed to fly to shoot in Paris and was unlikely to “go all out” before an important working event.

Dmitry also emphasized that the girl loved sports: in her Instagram you can really find a lot of photos and videos on which Puntus conquers waves on the surf, and also rides on a skateboard and bicycle.

Netizens, however, drew attention to a strange poem that Puntus had published in his telegram channel a couple of days before the incident.

How to wash the smell of tobacco from the hands?
How to love you when you are a corpse?
When do you want to stick a knife in your heart?
I know. Just wait. And you will come to life.
And when, and it will be, I will be delirious in delirium,
And I myself, dead, will fall into my arms.
Fear will begin to whet you emery
But you will be able to wait out my death.
And we will have something to remember, my angel, than cherish:
We helped each other come to life (spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved. – Ed.).

In these lines, many saw suicidal thoughts, but insiders from the environment denied these conjectures. At the moment, the career of the model was going uphill and she had many plans to conquer the industry, she starred a lot in Europe.

Now Ksenia is in intensive care. Doctors assess her condition as stably severe and so far do not give predictions.

First about the incident told blogger yuliyayult.


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