Robin McGraw reveals the cosmetic procedure that dramatically changed her look


Robin McGraw is opening up about her changed appearance in a candid new interview.

The 66-year-old author and wife to “Dr. Phil” host Dr. Phil McGraw, revealed she underwent an eyebrow transplant on an episode of her podcast, “I’ve Got a Secret! with Robin McGraw.”

“It brought my entire face into proportion,” McGraw said of the procedure performed by podcast guest, Hair Restoration Specialist, Dr. Marc Dauer. “In my opinion, it actually changed my look.”

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McGraw told listeners that years of tweezing left her eyebrows sparse. “I hated my eyebrows so much that I wore bangs to cover them,” she said. “Because of you and my eyebrow transplant I let my bangs grow out, and I was so happy.”

“Eyebrows are such a defining feature of the face…They’re so crucial to framing your face,” Dauer said of the minimally invasive procedure. “If they start too far over or if they’re just missing in different places, it just changes your whole look.”

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Dauer revealed that more than half of the procedures he performs are eyebrow transplants, with patients often thrilled with the results.

“People come to them and say, ‘You look younger’ or ‘Did you lose weight?’” Dauer said. “They don’t know what it is. They can’t even pinpoint it.”

Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

McGraw added that following her transplant, the change was so dramatic that tabloids accused her of having a face lift, a rumour that has plagued her since her procedure in 2011.

“I looked that different,” she said laughing. “I said ‘No! I did not have any surgery!”

According to Dauer’s website, both men and women seek eyebrow transplants, which is considered a minimally invasive procedure that takes six to eight hours to complete. Hair follicles are obtained from the back of the scalp and grafted onto the eyebrows, averaging 250-400 hairs per brow until the desired shape and size is achieved.

Hair follicles must be taken from the patient, or from an identical twin with matching DNA, or else the body will reject the transplant.

“Hair is an organ just like any other organ,” Dauer explained. “So if you were going to transplant an organ from one person to another you’d have to be on all these immunosuppression medications to allow the body to not reject it.”

Following the procedure, most patients experience swelling and bruising, with approximately 20 per cent of patients returning at some point for a touch up procedure. On average, patients report needing to trim their brows every one to two weeks, since they grow at the same rate as hair on the scalp.

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