An insider told why Adele has lost so much weight: "She did it for her son."


An insider said why Adele has lost so much weight:


Many fans of the 31-year-old Adele wonder what was the true reason for her. strong weight loss. Some believe that the star has lost about 45 kilograms over the past year due to stress after divorce with her husband Simon Konecki, and others are convinced that the reason for losing the star could be her new love.

The other day, a source close to the singer said what exactly inspired her to make fundamental changes in her body. As it turned out, the main goal of Adele was not at all the desire to put the figure in order, but the need tighten your health.

AdeleAdeleAt some point, she realized that she was not feeling very well. She understood that she wanted to change something to be the healthiest mother for her son Angelo. During weight loss, Adele's only goal was to become as healthy as possible. It’s never been about losing kilograms for the sake of beauty,

– the insider shared.

Recall that recently, in a conversation with one of her fans, Adele frankly admittedthat in recent years has lost about 45 kilograms. The fan said that the singer looked very happy and spoke with inspiration about this experience.

Adele with fansAdele with fans

Adele herself does not yet communicate with reporters about her weight loss, but her close circle sometimes gives comments on this subject. So, the star fitness guru Camilla Goodies, who somehow trained Adele, suggested that the singer was rapidly losing kilograms mainly due to her diet. She came to such conclusions, because she knows from her own experience that the star does not like physical activity.


Insiders say that Adele is on a special sirtfood diet: its meaning is to reduce calories by 20 percent, which leads to the activation of the gene, which is also responsible for metabolism. The menu of supporters of this food system mainly consists of buckwheat, walnuts, green tea, celery, dark chocolate, arugula, strawberries, dates, citrus fruits, apples and kale.

Adele (2017 photo)Adele (2017 photo)


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