James Bond movie producer replied who will play the main character in the next part of Bond


James Bond movie producer replied who will play the main character in the next part of Bond

Disputes over who should play the next James Bond do not cease

Cinema has not parted with James Bond for more than 60 years – the first attempt to film the books of Jan Fleming about a special agent was made in 1954. In the spring of 2020, the next part of the bondiana will be released. 51 year old Daniel Craig last time will play famous hero, but do not count on the end of the story. Discussions are already underway, who will replace him in the role of agent 007. Producer of the film franchise Barbara Broccoli opened the curtain of secrecy.

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig as James Bond

In an interview with Variety, she assured that Bond was and will be a man. The fact is that in the new film "No time to die"(No Time to Die) an agent named Noni performed by actress Lashana Lynch will be given the code number 007. Several years ago, there was talk that the actress could play Bond. However, Broccoli rejected these offers.

Audrey Hepburn

A bond can be any color, but he is a man. I believe that we should come up with new roles for women, strong female characters. But don’t take a male character and make a woman play him,– she said.

Pier Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan as James Bond

In 2018, Barbara Broccoli in an interview with The Guardian said the same thing.Bond is a man. It was written as a man, and I think he will remain a man. And it’s wonderful– said Broccoli.

Sean Connery as James Bond
Sean Connery as James Bond

It was rumored that James Bond will be played by Idris Elba, who will be the first black agent 007. However, a year ago, in an interview with Variety, he explained why he did not want this.

The offer to play Bond is mesmerizing, but the statement that I want to be black James Bond is not entirely true. I really have that skin color. Suppose I star in this role. Will it be possible to connect the result of work with skin color? I don’t want to put myself in this difficult situation,– said the actor.

Among other candidates for the role of Bond, the British were named Richard Madden and the Scottish Sam Hewan, but both did not confirm the veracity of the assumptions.

Idris Elba
Idris Elba


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