Owen Cheung goes from Bad Luck King to Most Improved Artiste


15 Jan – Although the first six months of 2019 had not been a great time for Owen Cheung, the actor can now smile as he surpassed the tough period with an award in hand.

As reported on HK01, the actor who won Most Improved Male Artiste at the TVB Anniversary Awards that was held on 12 January, shared that he is not at all affected by the nickname Bad Luck King bestowed on him by netizens and media alike for what had occurred last year, as an actor needed an experience to perform well.

The actor gained the aforementioned nickname after three of his 2019 dramas were shelved by TVB. “The Offliners” postponed its airing date indefinitely following the cheating scandal of its star Jacqueline Wong. The same was said of “Finding Her Voice” – though it was later cleared for airing in late 2019.

“I have always loved acting. Nothing has changed over the years. I still act with all my heart,” he added.

Owen also used the moment to express his hope that his previously shelved drama, “The Offliners” will be aired soon, as it was the first time he played the lead and sang the theme song.

On the other hand, “Airport Strikers” was shelved due to its subject matter that was deemed in conflict with the ongoing Hong Kong protests.

(Photo source: hk01)


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