Stephen King criticized for justifying white dominance at the Oscars


Stephen King criticized for justifying white dominance on

Stephen king

13th of January became known Oscar nominees, but not everyone was pleased with the results. As soon as the broadcast ended, the network began to appear indignant reports that this year the academy again infringed on the rights of blacks and women, and the hashtags #OscarsSoWhite and #DirectorsSoMale (“Such a White Oscar” and “Directors One Men”) entered the tops of social networks.

However, the writer Stephen King was not in a hurry to join this flash mob and expressed a different point of view on his blog.

Stephen kingStephen king

As a writer, I can nominate only three categories: Best Film, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Original Screenplay. And before me the problem of diversity – in any case, the way it is applied to individual actors and directors – did not stand. This means that I would never consider diversity (sexual and racial) in matters of art. Only quality. I think it would be wrong to do otherwise

– King wrote on his Twitter the day after the announcement of the nominees.

Criticism was not long in coming, and in a few days the scandal only gained momentum. Many netizens accused the horror masters of justifying racism and discrimination.

White men make up 35 percent of the population. It is illogical that they create 100 percent quality art.

Only a white man can say that.

I thought you were smarter. The fact is that the majority who decide what quality is are white men.

King tried to expand his idea in the next tweet, hinting that he was misunderstood, but the subscribers accepted this attempt with sarcasm and pointed out to the writer that he was trying to sit on two chairs.

The most important thing that we can do as artists and creative people is to make sure that we approach everyone the same, regardless of gender, skin color or orientation. Now such people are poorly represented, and not only in art,

– wrote King.

Stephen king

You said earlier that this should not matter. Creativity must speak on its own. Make a decision already.

Right now, people who are underrepresented still manage to create cutting-edge art that people like you, who consider diversity a drawback, just don't pay attention,

– network users wrote under the message.

It is noteworthy that before expressing his opinion in defense of the decision of the academicians, King on his blog congratulated Cynthia Herivo on the nomination.

Recall that she was the only black woman to compete for victory in the category "Best Actress". But King’s critics did not seem to pay attention to this post: he scored only 79 comments, while posts about the importance of quality in art – more than 13 thousand in total.


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