Eunice Olsen exhorts us to age gracefully like her tireless mother


SINGAPORE – “My mom is my role model. She is never tired. She is adventurous. I think she is more adventurous than I am. She is who I want to be in future,” said 42-year-old Eunice Olsen, who has been a long-time The Body Shop ambassador and the Drops of Youth Youth Concentrate user.

Some of us may know her as the Miss Singapore Universe pageant 2000 winner and a former Nominated Member of Parliament. She also dabbled in acting and hosting and later on created a women’s empowerment series called WomenTalk TV and authored I’m A Girl.

“She has pink hair! She has never had pink hair in her 40s. If we are saying that we are old, can you imagine the women who are in their 60s, 70s and 80s trying to embrace their ages and running marathons and doing pole dancing? We should stop thinking of ageing as a negative thing and instead embrace it,” said Olsen, as she pointed out her mom, who is in her 70s, in the audience.

Eunice Olsen was at Plaza Singapura on 7 Jan to celebrate the launch of the new and improved formula of The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Youth Concentrate.

The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Youth Concentrate. (PHOTO: Sheila Chiang/Yahoo Southeast Asia)

The Body Shop is calling time on anti-ageing. We all know that no skincare product can turn back the clock, but the most important thing is how we approach ageing.

“Now in my 40s, I am so much happier. I am less insecure about so many things. When I was in my 20s and 30s, I used to be obsessed about hitting my regime and being fit all the time. We are always putting that stress on ourselves. And I turned 40 and I was like, I am just going to enjoy my food,” she said, on how she approaches ageing.

Youth is a state of mind.

“If you want a party, my mom will party with you. She can go anywhere with you. She is never tired. She is so adventurous. When she travels with my aunt, she will just go into a bar, sit down and make friends. She is so brave,” continued Olsen.

“We don’t celebrate each other and ourselves enough. We should. There is so much to celebrate in this world,” continued Olsen, on how women should empower each other instead of competing.

It is also essential to keep our skin in the right state. Healthier-looking skin starts with the right protection. We all know we need to protect our skin from the sun, but did you know your skin is exposed to environmental aggressors every day? Indoor and outdoor pollution from traffic, public transport, central heating and air conditioning makes our skin look dull, tired, dry and unhealthy, with serious long-term effects.

A World Health Organisation (WHO) air quality model confirmed that 92% of the world’s population lives in places where air quality levels exceed WHO air quality limits.

Drops of Youth Youth Concentrate still has the hydrating, lightweight gel-like texture, but it’s now enriched with antioxidants from Community Fair Trade moringa seed oil from Rwanda. It helps prevent the harmful effects of indoor and outdoor pollution on skin, retain its moisture and keep its healthy-looking glow and freshness.

The renewed Drops of Youth Youth Concentrate is now available at all The Body Shop stores islandwide, retailing at S$60 (30ml) and S$80 (50ml).


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