Blake Lively first appeared after the birth of a third child


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Blake Lively first appeared after the birth of a third child

Blake Lively

Last August Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds became parents the third time. And although after this, the actress more than once photographed street reporters, officially after the birth she did not go out until yesterday. But not all celebrities can afford to sit on maternity leave for a long time. Those for whom a career plays an important role quickly return to work. So did the 32-year-old Lively, who now presents a new picture with her participation – "Rhythm section" (Rhythm Section). Yesterday, a star appeared at her premiere in New York.

Blake Lively
Blake Lively

In her own way, the actress literally made a splash. She chose a velvet black dress with a deep neckline and lowered shoulders, Christian Louboutin lace-up boots and high leather gloves. She complemented her look with a spectacular necklace of beads and chains.

Lively's 43-year-old husband, Ryan Reynolds, did not make her company this time – he was probably at home with three daughters. However, the star did not stay without support this evening – her sister Robin and mother Elaine came with her. Blake film colleague, actor Jude Law, was also among the guests of the premiere.

Blake Lively with sister Robin and mom Elaine
Blake Lively with sister Robin and mom ElaineBlake Lively and Jude LawBlake Lively and Jude LawBlake Lively and Jude Law
Jude Law

In the film, the actress starred before her pregnancy, but his world premiere took place only at the beginning of this year. In the film, Lively played a girl named Stephanie Patrick, who decides to take revenge on the perpetrators of the deaths of her family members. The film could have seen the light before, however, during the filming of Blake seriously injured a hand and work on it had to be temporarily suspended.

There is no information about the Russian premiere of the picture.

Blake Lively

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