Keep in yourself: intimate gymnastics techniques, tips and tricks


Keep in yourself: intimate gymnastics techniques, tips and tricks

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We moisturize the skin, apply SPF cream every morning, make nourishing hair masks once a week, so why not add another item to your personal care list? Many have probably heard more than once about the Kegel exercises. Using them, you can train your pelvic floor muscles. The stronger they are, the brighter the orgasm will be (including for a partner), easier delivery, and menstruation – less painful. We reveal all the secrets of intimate gymnastics.

History of occurrence

What can be downloaded not only the press, they knew hundreds of years ago in ancient China, Japan and the countries of the East. Geishas mastered this art, wives and concubines in harems also had to be able to "work" intimate muscles.

According to legend, before being accepted into the harem, the girl had to pass a test. The applicant was injected with colored liquid into the vagina, after which she was asked to perform a belly dance. The one who managed not to utter a drop during his execution was received in the harem.

In the West, they started talking about the pelvic floor muscles in 1920 with the filing of the American gynecologist Alfred Kegel. He developed exercises that improve blood flow to the pelvic area and strengthen the muscles of the perineum. He proposed the simplest possible scheme: to compress muscles for 5-7 seconds, unclench and repeat 10-12 times.

Kegel was not a pioneer, he modernized and popularized exercises, because the practice of muscle training existed in the third century BC and there is a whole Taoist course that describes various exercises and meditations to improve the muscles of the pelvis in order to establish a sexual life,– says Daria Weber.

Performing Kegel exercises (with or without balls) will help with urinary incontinence and lowering of internal organs and will strengthen orgasm. Despite the fact that all kinds of sexist trainings actively recommend intimate gymnastics – in order to “give pleasure to a partner”, the main thing, of course, in such exercises is that they help to unleash one’s own potential, re-evaluate the capabilities of your body (and control over it) and do own orgasms bright and colorful.

In Russia, Vladimir Muranivsky became the ideologist and popularizer of vumbilding (VUM – vaginal controlled muscles). In the 1990s, he founded the international federation "Wumbuilding-Imbilding-Rimbuilding" named. V.L. Muranivsky, where 100 certified instructors teach girls around the world to train vaginal muscles.

Science believes that the muscles in the vagina are only in the lower third of the vaginal canal. But I found out only after the beginning of perestroika, when the first translated publications on this topic appeared. Prior to this, my theoretical medical education in anatomy was limited to the concepts of pestle and stamen. But practice said that the head (of the penis. – Ed.) Is compressed by muscles not only at the entrance, but also in the depths, – says Vladimir.

During the search for the most effective methods for the development of deep vaginal muscles, a method was developed and tested to prove that the vaginal canal consists of muscles up to the arches.

Thus, those women who have not been helped by traditional methods of training intimate muscles (Kegel exercises and simulators for this) can try wumbling. It develops vaginal muscles in their entirety (including not only the entire vaginal canal, but also the muscles and ligaments that support the uterus).

Anatomy lessons

The vagina is a muscle tube covered on the outside with a connective tissue membrane, lined with a mucous membrane from the inside. Throughout the muscle tube of the vagina consists of longitudinal and circular bundles of striated muscles. The second ones are not controlled by consciousness (they cannot be pumped up).

There is good news: the first third of the vaginal canal is surrounded by controlled muscles: in front of the vagina, the bulbous-spongy compresses the vagina, and in the back, the muscle that lifts the anus. They can be strengthened.

How to find out that intimate muscles have weakened

The condition of the vaginal walls depends on many factors: age, heredity, constitutional features, physical activity, frequency of sexual activity, as well as gynecological and general diseases.
Here are some signs by which it can be understood that the muscles have weakened: the subjective feeling of “feeling worse”, weaker excitement, a specific sound of air coming out of the vagina, prolapse of the walls of the vagina (diagnosed by a doctor), prolapse of the pelvic organs (the doctor also makes a diagnosis) stress urinary incontinence (when sneezing, laughing, coughing and exertion),

– explains Oksana Bachinskaya, clinical psychologist, Product-owner training center "SEX.RF"

According to the psychologist and sexologist, Fun Factory Daria Weber, the symptoms are more common in women after childbirth. Despite the fact that the vagina is restored in size after the birth of a baby, in any case it loses firmness and elasticity, as the muscles were stretched.

How does "pumping" of intimate muscles affect orgasm and pleasure of a partner?

Although very few women can experience orgasm only from vaginal penetration, you can increase your chances by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises help tighten the pubic-coccygeal muscle (it passes through the pelvic floor in the shape of a butterfly and connects the anus and genitals to the sciatic nerve and legs), which is one of the muscles contracting during orgasm.

Kegel exercises under the control of a perineometer (a mechanical simulator for training pelvic day muscles with biological feedback) develops a neuromuscular response that affects a woman's arousal rate.

The brighter the female excitement, the higher her satisfaction with the quality of intimate life – the more attractive signals a woman sends to her partner.
Somewhat unethical is the assertion that the "narrowness" of the vagina affects the partner's sensations. Tonus MTD speaks about the general state of health, which, in turn, helps to fine-tune sexual temperaments to a rhythm satisfying both, – explains Oksana Bachinskaya.

Despite the obvious bonuses for a partner, the main thing is still the opportunity to strengthen your own health. Gynecologists assure that such gymnastics in combination with other medical procedures is one of the most effective means of preventing and treating gynecological diseases. It is effective in chronic inflammatory processes, improper position of the uterus, after laparotomy and after vaginal surgery.

Is it possible to "pump" the muscles so that it causes discomfort

If you try hard, then … you can overdo it. Hypertonicity of the pelvic diaphragm leads to pain, and before this problem is diagnosed, the woman goes through all the circles of hell: pain during sexual intercourse, pain in the lower abdomen, difficulty or inability to reach an orgasm, pain during urination. Physiotherapy or the introduction of topical botulinum toxins that can relax muscles can help.

Is it correct to compare the result of imbuilding and lifting the vagina?

Lifting (laser correction) is a laser controlled burn of the vaginal mucosa, which leads to compaction of the walls of the muscle-elastic tube (vagina).

Imbuilding is a training aimed at improving the tone of the pelvic muscles, which leads to normalization of the anatomical location of the pelvic organs, improving the closure of the urethral sphincter and bladder neck. These two procedures solve completely different problems, so the comparison is incorrect.

The most common beginner mistakes:

– prolonged, uncontrolled wearing of vaginal balls (leads to hypertonicity, and subsequently to prolapse).
– training without BOS apparatus (biological feedback): often women do not feel the pelvic floor and squeeze anything except the desired muscle group;
– irregular training.
An attempt to lose weight by the summer or “pump” the vagina for vacation did not bring anyone to good. Regularity is more important than intensity, – assures an expert at the Sex.rf center.

Independent work

Inhale exhale

Take a deep breath, gradually squeezing the muscles of the pelvic floor. Finding them is simple: imagine that you really want to write, and tighten your muscles, as if trying to restrain urination. Compressed muscles are the same muscles of the pelvic floor. So, back to the exercise: when you understand that there is no more strength to compress the air or compress the muscles, stay in the position for 3-5 seconds. Then slowly and smoothly relax on a deep exhale. Repeat 4-5 times.


Squeeze the muscles as hard as you can, and linger in this state for 10 seconds. Do 5-7 repetitions, each time increasing the time of muscle tension by 1-2 seconds.

Gluteus bridge

Lie on your back, bend your knees. Without lifting your feet and shoulders off the floor, raise your pelvis as high as possible. Vaginal muscles do not need to be compressed. Hold for 5-10 seconds. Get down. Do 15-20 repetitions.

Are techniques that work without "inventory" effective?

Long-term clinical studies are unambiguous in conclusions: the most effective is training the pelvic floor muscles with a simulator. When muscles are compressed, there is an effect on touch sensors that transmit a signal to a control unit with a display or directly to a smartphone.

Exercise machines, of course, are better than balls. They help to train muscles faster. With balls you need to do 3-4 hours a day, and with simulators for five minutes, – says the expert of the Freud’s shop online store.

For example, they say that with trained intimate muscles it is easier to get an orgasm, sensitivity increases regardless of the size of the penis of the partner and toys. Is this so? How to explain the fact that training intimate muscles relieve pain during menstruation?

There are many different types of exercise machines for strengthening intimate muscles: there are ordinary small balls, and there are smart high-tech devices that can play video games by straining and relaxing the vagina. Are you intrigued? Here are a few options for beginners and advanced users.

Joyballs Trend Vaginal Balls (can be found in "Freud's bench"at a price of 1,430 rubles.)

Simple and inexpensive, ideal for beginners. Inside the external silicone ball is a metal sinker (also a ball), which, with each movement, moves inside the shell. Muscles instinctively try to catch this inner ball and constantly tighten: the faster you move, the more often the ball moves and the stronger the muscles tighten.

Vaginal Balls Smartballs Duo, Fun factory (2 190 rub.)

These are balls narrowed from the outside with a displaced center of gravity (3.2 and 3.6 cm in diameter) on a string. They are made of medical silicone. Plus, the shape is not quite round – it’s convenient to insert an egg (there is also a cord for easy extraction).

Kegel Trainer Gvibe Gballs 2 App (6 390 rub.)

These are not just balls, but a personal wumbling coach. He will keep a training diary, monitor and evaluate the whole process, as well as give advice on the correct implementation of exercises.

It is better to do 3-4 days a week for 15 minutes. You will feel the first results in a week or two. And then as with fitness. Muscles will get stronger with every workout. The program will show that the force of muscle contraction has increased. And you will get more sensations from sex, – explains an expert online store "Freud's Shop".

For the most forgetful, there is a calendar of menstruation and reminders of activities (it will not work out to be free). Download the application for iOS or Android, synchronize it with the simulator via Bluetooth, apply a little water-based lubricant to the upper ball, follow the instructions of the trainer and enjoy the result.

Interactive simulator for intimate muscles kGoal (12 990 rub.)

This copy, developed by American experts in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, is called one of the best. With the help of a valve, it is deflated, like a balloon, kGoal is reduced and inserted into the vagina. Then, at the touch of a button, it inflates again, taking on the anatomical shape of the vagina.

A motor is installed in the process, creating a pleasant vibration. It shows how you tighten your muscles and additionally stimulate the clitoris (sheer pleasure of using it!). And then the fun begins. Training consists of three games of five minutes each. The first – "Bricks" (similar to the well-known Arkanoid game) – you need to squeeze and relax the vaginal muscles to direct the racket, beating the ball and breaking the bricks. The second is "Repeat the shape." During the training, you will be compressing the muscles to describe the contours of the figure, the more accurate the contour, the higher the result. And finally, the hardest part is Moving Target. You need to hold the muscle slider at a certain level by squeezing the muscles.

Keep in mind that KGoal is not waterproof, but only protected from splashes (no training in the shower and bath!). Therefore, it is better to clean it with a special tool for medical silicone.

Kegel simulator Magic Kegel Master 2 (5 970 rub.)

This is a new version of the popular Kegel simulator, which already has a program for self-training and charging is now inserted at the end of the tail of the device. The most hardworking will receive rewards and grow their own magic tree.

Otherwise, everything is standard: the simulator is made in the form of balls (with a diameter of 3.5 and 3 cm). Below the lace is 12 cm long and 0.5 cm in diameter. It is thick and durable – that means it will not come off over time, regardless of fitness zeal. Then it remains to choose one of six types of training under the names: “Beginner Level”, “Honeymoon”, “I Plan a Baby”, “Young Mother”, “Improve Tonus” and “Mistress”. Despite the ambiguous names ("Mistress", seriously?), The simulator does its job perfectly.

The interface is very nice: when performing exercises in the center is a circle with a chick, which, flying, shows the strength of your muscles. The more you squeeze them, the higher it rises. The gadget vibrates, but quietly, so it can be used as a sex toy controlled from the phone.

Set of 4 vaginal balls Gvibe Geisha Balls 2 (2 290 rub.)
Vaginal balls for beginners should be quite large (3-3.7 cm) and light weight (from 50 to 70 grams). It is better to choose silicone with a displaced center. If you already have training experience, then glass or metal balls with a diameter of 2 cm will complicate the task and make the muscles work again and again, – the expert says.

The set consists of four (plastic outside, but metal inside) balls: 24, 34, 44 and 56 grams. They can be combined as you wish. For example, 24 and 34 grams – the easiest combination to start training. And 100 grams (44 and 56) is already a decent weight for professionals. For effective training of vaginal muscles, it is recommended to wear balls for 15 to 30 minutes a day (you can even run on the track).

Vibrator with electrical stimulation Mystim Tingling Apart Black Edition (8 950 rub.)

Riddle: large, black, flexible and flamboyantly childish. And no, this is not a baton. The correct answer is one of the E-Stim Vibes vibrators. These are the first (and only) intimate toys in which vibration and stimulation by electric impulses are combined.

Manufacturers promise complete safety (even when used in water), plus an unforgettable experience for nerve endings. The main rule is not to use it for heart problems and if a pacemaker is installed.

It turns out a kind of vaginofitness for the lazy: the intimate muscles under the influence of electrical impulses contract themselves and at full power. Acute tingling and pulsation are felt only from 4 levels of intensity of electrical stimulation (there are five in total).

After 2-3 minutes of the stimulator’s work, the internal muscles begin to involuntarily contract and pulsate, and hot “hot” appears at point G. The main thing is that you do not need to do anything yourself: no frictions.


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