Asim Riaz’s alleged girlfriend Shruti Tuli says he is ‘not dating anyone outside’


a close up of a woman wearing a hat: Shruti Tuli is a friend of Asim and has clarified that he is not dating anyone. ()

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Shruti Tuli is a friend of Asim and has clarified that he is not dating anyone. ()

Everything related to the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss 13 is complicated and relationship statuses of the contestants seem to be fluid. The latest buzz involved Asim Riaz who has been accused of faking his “love” for Himanshi Khurana after Vikas Gupta claimed he has a girlfriend outside the house.

Vikas told Shehnaaz Gill on the show that someone was waiting for Asim, adding that he should have ended things before moving ahead with Himanshi. Pictures of Asim’s friend Shruti Tuli are being widely circulated, alleging she is his girlfriend. Shruti has tweeted, refuting the claims. 

“It’s a lie. Asim’s not dating anyone outside. Just another trick to defame him. #AsimRiaz #AsimSquad,” Shruti wrote on Twitter. Shruti has been constantly tweeting in support of Asim. 

Vikas had said, “Pyaar mohabbat yahan chal ri hai, bahar bhi koi pagal ho rakha hai. Sabke apne apne tante hain bhaiya yaha pe. Relationship todo pahle, uske baad karo (Love and romance is going on here, someone else is going crazy over him outside. Everyone has different games here. First break a relationship, then do something).”

Asim’s brother Umar Riaz had also reacted to the allegations. “Dont talk sh*t about my bro @lostboy54 . Better be worried about ur love life rather than caring about my brother’s. He already scrwed ur case when u were inside the BB house , the so called mastermind of BB. Failed players and their sh*tty made up stories!,” Umar had tweeted.


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