Jessica Jann is mentally prepared for motherhood


31 Jan – Although she would leave it all to fate, Jessica Jan recently admitted that she is ready to become a mother in the Year of the Rat.

As reported on Mingpao, the “Enter the Fat Dragon” actress who has been married to husband Kenneth King for two years, shared that she is psychologically prepared for pregnancy, and has even readied herself for it.

“I have been taking Chinese medicine to regulate the body. I have been taking vitamins, exercising, drinking plenty of water and taking ample rest. In short, I have done everything there is to maintain good health,” she said.

She added that her grandmother has also been helping a lot, even buying her healthy soups to replenish her body.

At the same time, Jessica also consulted her two cousins, Cissy Wang and Irene Wang – both who are already mothers themselves – about childbirth and motherhood.

“Both advocate for natural birth and reminded me to take care of my body and prevent cold,” she added.

(Photo Source: Jessica Jan Instagram)


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