Mom Timati spoke on the topic of divorces and spoke about the separation of her son from Alena Shishkova


Mom Timati spoke on the topic of divorces and spoke about the separation of her son from Alena Shishkova

Timati with mom Simone Yunusova

60 year old mom Timati, Simone Yunusova, is an active Instagram user and very often writes posts on various topics related to family and parenting. A few hours ago, Simone once again shared her opinion with subscribers – this time on the topic of divorces. Yunusova shared her own experience: she told how she and her children, Timati and his younger brother Artem, made this parental decision.

The topic is complicated and painful for me. Divorce of parents and feelings of children in this situation. I well remember how my sons experienced this period. The oldest was 9.5 years old, the second – 6. It seemed that the youngest was still small, and I was not really worried about him, but it turned out quite the opposite. He worried harder and deeper … Dad found the words he needed at that time and explained that he would forever remain support and support for his sons, but for young children it is difficult to understand (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved. – Approx. ed.),

– shared Simon.

Simon Yunusov with sons Timati and ArtemSimon Yunusov with sons Timati and Artem

The rapper’s mother added that during this difficult period, children often begin to show aggression, which is only a protective mechanism for them. Simone also advised against transmitting her jealousy and pain to the babies:

New aunts and uncles do not replace mom and dad with their appearance, they just become friends or not. You can’t transfer your jealousy and pain in a failed family to a child! I know what I'm talking about, because I myself was very jealous … Both parents should work to ensure that the child experiences a divorce with minimal psychological trauma, and for this you just need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and start thinking about how the children feel.

Timati and Anastasia Reshetova with her son RatmirTimati and Anastasia Reshetova with her son Ratmir

In Simone’s comments, Internet users immediately bombarded Yunusova with numerous questions: most of them related to the breakup of Timati with Alena Shishkova and new lover Anastasia Reshetova. So, many were interested in how the daughter of Alena and Timati, Alice, refers to the new darling of her father and their little son Ratmir. When asked by the subscriber whether Alice was worried about the fact that her star dad now had a new family, Simone answered briefly:

Of course worries.

Alisa Yunusova with her brother RatmirAlisa Yunusova with her brother Ratmir

At the same time, mother Timati clarified that Alice loves her younger brother very much and is not jealous of her father. The girl does not experience such feelings in relation to Anastasia Reshetova. Simone also admitted that she did not try to reconcile her son with his ex-lover Alena Shishkova, because she was convinced that she had no right to interfere in someone else's life. Yusunova also talked about her relationship with Alice's mom.

I always try to support Alena,

– said Simone.

Simon Yunusova with Alena Shishkova and granddaughter AliceSimon Yunusova with Alena Shishkova and granddaughter Alice

To the comments of subscribers that Timati was not officially married to any of her lovers, the rapper's mother shared her opinion that “responsibility is not measured by a stamp”. Yunusova also said that her ex-husband still communicates with both his sons and grandchildren.

Recall that Timati and Alena Shishkova started dating in 2013, and in 2014 they became parents for the first time – it was born their daughter Alice. A year after the birth of her daughter, the rapper and model broke up. In the same year, the first rumors began to circulate in the press about Timati’s romance with Anastasia Reshetova, which the couple did not confirm for several years. In the summer of 2019, it became known that Anastasia was expecting a baby, and in the autumn of the same year the couple a son was born Ratmir. Timati's former and current beloved women are in good relations and even starred in one ad campaign.

Anastasia Reshetova and Alena ShishkovaAnastasia Reshetova and Alena Shishkova


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