Patriarch Kirill proposes inclusion of God in the Constitution




Patriarch Kirill proposes inclusion of God in the Constitution

Patriarch Kirill

Today, Patriarch Kirill spoke at the celebration of the 11th anniversary of his intronization. In his speech, he called for a discussion about the need to include a mention of God in the Constitution.

Let us pray, work, that God is mentioned in our basic law. Because most Russian citizens believe in God. I am not talking only about the Orthodox – I am also talking about Muslims and many, many others. If the anthem may contain “God’s protected native land”, why cannot this be said in our Constitution?

– said the patriarch.

In his opinion, faith in God is a sublime idea that shapes personal, social, and political morality. Initially, amendments to the Constitution were proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Among these amendments are strengthening the role of the State Duma, consolidating the status of the State Council, removing the word "in a row" from the article on limiting the term of presidential power, and a ban on foreign citizenship for officials.

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