Frankie Lam announces restructuring of ATV


3 Feb – Now that he is officially the new Vice President of the Asian Television Ltd (ATV), Frankie Lam’s first task is to restructure the company as a whole.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who appeared at a Spring Festival event held at the ATV main station in Tai Po, shared that the company will be closed for five months to undergo renovation and will only resume operation on 28 June.

“The whole company will be revamped and we will also be announcing ATV’s new plans on the same day,” he said.

However, Frankie is keeping mum on the cost of the renovation, and denied the notion that there will be some lay-offs happening soon.

“Have confidence in yourself and don’t worry,” he added.

The actor also revealed that he has been cancelling a lot of Lunar New Year-related activities to focus on his plans for ATV.

“I spent two hours in the garden in the morning thinking about the directions that we are heading. Everybody is enthusiastic,” he added.

(Photo Source: hk01)


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