‘A lot of the best looks can happen by accident’


I think a lot of the best looks can happen by accident and this was a coincidental look. The picture was taken by Jean-Baptiste Mondino in Paris in 1989 and styled by Judy Blame. We had done a photo session for my single Manchild, with the boxing bandages and the jewellery, and when we needed to shoot the cover for my debut album, Raw Like Sushi, we thought: “Let’s work some more with that.”

We had a bunch of rails with things to wear, but Judy and I had been to Printemps – like a French version of Marks & Spencer – and I had bought a nice bra, and I was wearing leggings, which were from Pineapple or somewhere. I went out to test the light and Mondino was like: “Don’t put anything else on. Maybe some more jewellery.” Then we did the picture that ended up bei