‘Daniel Craig brought a lot of humanity to James Bond’


Daniel Craig “brought a lot of humanity” to the role of suave womanising spy James Bond, according to franchise producer Barbara Broccoli.

The 51-year-old actor will make his fifth and final appearance as the British MI6 agent in the upcoming 25th Bond movie, No Time to Die.

The franchise’s longtime producer Barbara has credited the British actor with helping evolve the character from his womanising roots to a respected man living in a time with the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements.

“(Bond) has evolved, like men are evolving, one hopes,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“Daniel’s brought a lot of humanity into the role and to his relationships in the film. He’s got vulnerabilities. He’s much more 21st-century.” 

Elsewhere in the interview, she also revealed how she had persuaded Daniel to make one more Bond movie, as he was ready to retire after filming had finished on Spectre in 2015.

“He felt at the end of the last movie he’d kind of done it,” she explained. “I said to him, ‘I don’t think you have, I think there’s still more of the story of your Bond to tell.’ Fortunately, he came around to agree with that.”

Daniel Craig wearing a suit and tie

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Now the search is underway for Daniel’s replacement, but Barbara is trying to avoid thinking about her longtime friend departing the iconic film franchise, which has been delighting moviegoers for 57 years.

“We still have so much to do to finish this film, to get it right, so we’re really focusing on that,” she shared. “I’m in denial, to be honest, about Daniel. I can’t really confront that right now.”


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