Delicious berry desserts you can prepare at home


Be it baked berry classics or frozen berry desserts, one can whip up several sweet things using different kinds of this fruit. From strawberry cupcakes to raspberry tiramisu, here’s a look at some decadent desserts that can easily be made at home.

Berry sorbet

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Made with frozen strawberries and blueberries blended together with lemon juice, icing sugar and egg whites, the ice cream is mouthwatering and is sure to get a grin on your face.


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Load your mille-feuille with strawberries to get this elaborate dessert, which might be a perfect fit for a romantic dinner.

Blueberry parfait

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This creamy, chilled dessert with a delectable flavor is made with yogurt, granola, water and can be sprinkled with sliced almonds.

Cranberry popsicles

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The tart frozen treat is easy to make and is pleasingly sweet. Just mix sugar syrup and cranberry juice and freeze up to four hours.

Strawberry cupcakes

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The fluffy and soft dessert with buttercream frosting can be made in any size. With pretty swirls and toppings of fresh fruit, these cupcakes not only look appetizing but taste heavenly as well.

Chocolate-covered strawberries

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The goodness of the fruit and chocolate can be best savored with a glass of red wine. These goodies can be decorated with drizzles and sprinkles.

Raspberry tiramisu

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With its pop of color, this scrumptious delight is a treat for the eyes and the taste buds. It can either be served in a dish or can be layered inside a shot glass.

Strawberry-raspberry semifreddo

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This classic Italian dessert has a silky texture of frozen mousse with streaks of berries throughout. While serving, sprinkle some extra berries on top.

Blackberry cheesecake bars

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Heighten the deliciousness of a cheesecake by adding some fresh blackberries. Easy to make, the bars have a crunchy crust and are loaded with cream.

Strawberry tart

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This dessert comes together quite easily, with pre-cooked pastry shell filled with cream, topped with berries and glazed with jam right before serving.

Raspberry cheesecake brownies

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The fudgy, marbled brownies are the perfect dessert for any romantic occasion and can be topped with fresh raspberries or chopped chocolate.

Strawberry rhubarb pie

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The classic dessert combines washed and cut strawberries, red rhubarb, vanilla and lemon zest filled in a pie shell and baked to perfection. 


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