Disney reveals all the almost-hidden Pixar Easter eggs linking movies



Spot the Brave Easter Egg in Cars 2. Then spot the Cars Easter egg in Coco…


The fabled Pizza Planet delivery truck has been making deliveries through Pixar history, from its first stop in Toy Story, to A Bug’s Life, Monster’s, Inc., Finding Nemo, all the way up to a creative cameo in Brave. Pixar’s Easter egg game is strong, but how strong? There are even better Easter eggs you may have missed.

In celebrating Pixar’s 34th anniversary on Monday, Disney Plus tweeted its admiration of the iconic studio with a video mashup of the more subtle Pixar Easter eggs. “The attention to detail here is incredible,” reads the tweet. “We have no choice but to stan – and stream – Pixar! Happy Anniversary to the iconic studio.”

Yes, The Walt Disney Company would like you to stan Pixar. While that’s happening, let’s take a look at those incredible Easter eggs.

Some of the more impressive include the red scooter ridden by Ratatouille’s Chef Skinner showing up in one of the many junkyard piles in Wall-E, an early faceless version of Doc Hudson from Cars sitting in the background of The Incredibles’ battle with Syndrome, and a little Bug’s Life figure popping up in Toy Story 2.

You can just about find a cameo of Inside Out’s Riley in Finding Dory, amid the more obvious references, such as The Good Dinosaur’s Forrest Woodbush sticking out like a sore thumb in Inside Out.

Disney became the proud owner of Pixar in 2006 and recently announced Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2 would soon complete Pixar’s toy box currently streaming on Disney Plus.


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