Jourdan Dunn is engaged


a person posing for the camera: Jourdan Dunn (c) Instagram© Bang Showbiz
Jourdan Dunn (c) Instagram

Jourdan Dunn is engaged.

The 29-year-old model has revealed she is engaged to a mystery man and took to her Instagram account to share the happy news.

She wrote: “Jourdan Dunn Hamilton ……. has a nice ring to it! (sic)”

The model has yet to share any pictures – or the name – of her husband-to-be and she has adopted a similar policy when it comes to her son, Riley, 10, who she has with ex Jordan Cummings, as she recently revealed she has stopped sharing pictures on her son on Instagram.

She explained: “It does have an effect on him. People noticing and recognising him. It can be a lot for him. He has asked me [if he can have his own account], and I said, ‘Absolutely not!’ ”

The British model is usually her own “best cheerleader” but has recently praised her son as her biggest source of motivation and encouragement.

Asked what keeps her motivated, she said: “Riley. And myself. I definitely try to be my own best cheerleader at times because I feel like everyone should. If I’m having one of those days where I can’t be bothered or feel down, seeing a picture of my son. He always encourages me. If he sees me down, he’ll say, ‘Mummy, you need to smile,’ or, ‘Mummy, it’s not that bad.’ He motivates me to want to do better.”

And despite all she has accomplished in her modelling career, Jourdan thinks her son is her greatest achievement.

She admitted: “It’s really cheesy but being a mum and having my son Riley [is my greatest achievement] … As a parent, you make it work but if I didn’t have my mum it would be quite difficult. Also, having an agency that understands they can’t just bring certain things on to me as I need to think about planning. It’s always hard being away from Riley but because I have that great support, it makes it easier.”


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