Mask patch for buttocks, perfumed pencils, milk for hair and other beauty novelties


Mask patch for buttocks, perfumed pencils, milk for hair and other beauty novelties

Perfumed pencils with Chanel Chance fragrance, Ansaligy hair conditioner milk with vitamins and minerals, Tiffany & Co. paired flavors, Mixit fabric mask patch for buttocks – we tell you all about the most interesting in our review of beauty novelties.

Shampoo and milk-conditioner, "8 vitamins & 7 minerals", Ansaligy (1,400 rubles and 1,050 rubles)

In the assortment of the brand Tina Kandelaki Ansaligy has new hair products. The composition of shampoo and milk conditioner includes a comprehensive preparation Hair Loss Complex, consisting of eight vitamins and seven minerals (as you might have guessed by reading the name of the line).

The shampoo is suitable for any type of hair, foams well and cleanses the scalp and hair, but most importantly – makes them stronger with every wash.

Milk-conditioner is an indelible care that strengthens hair follicles, does not make it heavier, but, on the contrary, gives curls extra volume. For a wow effect, Ansaligy expert Olga Manikhina recommends rubbing milk-conditioner into the scalp and leaving it for 5-7 minutes.

A new line of funds was introduced by the daughter of Tina Kandelaki Melania Kondrakhina.

Perfumed pencils Chance, Chanel (price on request)

The legendary perfume Chanel Chance was released in an unusual format of perfumed pencils. Four babies, more similar to multi-colored markers, in texture resemble oily balm. They glide easily on the skin, leaving an unobtrusive floral scent.

There are four variations to choose from: classic floral Chance, fresh Chance Eau Fraiche, fruity Chance Eau Tendre and piquant Chance Eau Vive. Pencils are sold in a set so that you can choose the flavor according to your mood.

Tiffany & Love paired scents for her and Tiffany & Love for him, Tiffany & Co. (8 217 rub. And 5 799 rub. For 50 ml)

Ahead of February 14th, Tiffany & Co. Introduced Tiffany & Love's new paired fragrances dedicated to love. Both compositions are based on blue sequoia. In the female version, created by Honorine Blanc and Marie Salaman, they added blue basil (an ingredient designed specifically for Tiffany), grapefruit, a sweet neroli flower bouquet, vetiver and cedar tree.

Tiffany & Love for him is a citrus-woody composition created by Sophie Labbe and Nicolas Beaulieu. The aroma is a mix of ginger, tangerine and cardamom oils, juniper and cypress oils (exclusive squeeze specially for Tiffany), sandalwood, vetiver and the same note of blue sequoia.

Creative director of the brand, Reid Krakoff, placed new items in cans (in the color of Tiffany, of course), which the hand does not rise to throw away. As for the glass bottles themselves, Krakoff was inspired by authentic pharmacy vials.

Fabric mask patch for buttocks with collagen Juicy Booty Mask Intence Care for your Booty, Mixit (395 rubles)

One of the most famous masks is produced by the Californian brand Anese – it specializes in priests. Mixit became the pioneer among Russian brands. Your buttocks will be in reliable "hands" along with a fabric mask with collagen, natural extracts and a pleasant aroma of peach.

Hydrolyzed collagen saturates the skin with moisture, eliminates dryness and peeling, purslane extract has a powerful anti-inflammatory, soothing and rejuvenating effect, licorice extract has healing, bactericidal and tonic properties, and mung bean extract (Asian beans) nourishes, softens, soothes and tones the skin.

There are no tricks regarding the use of new items. It is necessary to apply patches to the clean, dry skin of the buttocks for 15-20 minutes, then remove, and rub the remnants of the emulsion into the skin, making a light massage.

Lipstick collection Rouge à Lèvres Gothique, Gucci (price on request)

Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele has created a new collection of lipsticks Rouge à Lèvres Gothique. Lipstick in a beautiful black case with golden stars on the lips shimmers with various shades and flickers like a starry sky.

I chose the name Gothique, because the formula we created and the general mood of this line were inspired by an era important for the history of makeup. For me, makeup is something liberating and emancipating. In the 80s, in the heyday of punk culture, the youth of London showed freedom of spirit through their daring, bright makeup, regardless of gender. Real divas walked through the streets, diversity and freedom of expression reigned around. And it seemed really beautiful to me, – tells Alessandro Michele.

Rouge à Lèvres Gothique is presented in nine modern shades that refer us to the cult films and characters of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Among them – deep red 25 Goldie Red (the favorite color of Alessandro Michele himself), dark gold 706 My Forbidden Past, gray blue 707 Charlotte Blue, dark green Princess Olga Green, bright blue 708 Victoriana Blue and dark green 709 Princess Olga Green, Pink 408 Norma Pink and Orange 306 Letty Orange.

False Lash Effect Max Out Primer and Mascara with False Lash Effect Raven Black Mascara, Max Factor (655 rub.)

Mascara False Lash Effect is Max Factor's best-selling mascara. She is loved because she gives a chic volume and lengthens the eyelashes, while there are no lumps and no gluing. Wendy Rowe, Creative Director of Max Factor, calls the tool nothing more than false eyelashes in a bottle.

This year, classic mascara has been made even better. The new False Lash Effect mascara in the Raven Black hue contains the same formula and brush as the original version, only now it has become even deeper blue-black.

For maximum effect, first apply the False Lash Effect Max Out Primer. A deep blue tint makes the whites of the eyes lighter and brighter, and the microfibre included in the composition increases the volume and length of the eyelashes.

Serum Nordic-C (Valo), Lumene (1 699 rub.)

In the period of changing seasons and in conditions of temperature changes, our skin especially needs moisturizing and nourishment. The berry smoothing shine with an improved formula and in an updated package can help with this.

The new ingredient is northern lingonberry seed oil, which promotes skin regeneration, and a special form of vitamin E has an antioxidant effect, six times more powerful than the traditional form of vitamin.

In addition, the formula of the product is enriched with oil from the seeds of northern cloudberries and cranberries, vitamins C, B3 and B5, omega fatty acids and Arctic spring water, which give the skin a radiance, moisturize and make it smooth.

The bottle of the novelty is made of partially recycled glass and can also be recycled, including a dispenser.

Palette Naked Reloaded Palette, Urban Decay (3 990 RUB.)

If you, like many fans of the brand, were upset when Urban Decay removed its most popular Naked palette from the market, then there is no more reason for frustration. This winter, the brand released a new version of the palette with even more pigmented neutral shades.

Inside there are twelve shades: matt silky, smooth glossy, delicate shimmering and shiny. Bribe is a matte shade of ivory, Barely Baked is a soft golden metallic, Boundaries is a warm terracotta and Blur is a matte light beige (the four most popular tones) are represented in large volumes.

The shadows are incredibly persistent and easy to shade, only the brushes in the kit this time not.


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