Kylie Jenner in a new interview: about relationships with an ex-lover, raising a daughter and much more


Kylie Jenner in a new interview: about relationships with an ex-lover, raising a daughter and much more

Kylie Jenner with daughter Stormy

22-year-old Kylie Jenner became the main character of the new issue of the American version of Harper's Bazaar. The star, along with her two-year-old daughter Stormy, took part in an unusual photo shoot inspired by the image of Marie Antoinette, and also spoke about motherhood, relations with her former lover Travis Scott and plans for the future. SPLETNIK.RU collected the most interesting quotes from this interview.

About a relationship with ex-sweetheart Travis Scott

We have great relationship. We are like best friends. Travis and I equally love Stormy and both want the best for her. We are always in touch with Travis. In situations with Stormy, I always think about what my parents would do. They have always been my support, and I would like the same for my daughter.

Kylie JennerKylie Jenner

About raising a daughter

I think a lot about how crazy the world is today. I also never forget that I unintentionally expose my daughter to the negative effects associated with social networks and the press. Despite the fact that Stormy is still very small, I always try to remind her that the way we live is an exception to the rule. However, this is our life and we are happy. We will always be haunted by the paparazzi. I think she would feel worse if I constantly hid her face and shouted to reporters: "Do not look!".

Kylie Jenner with daughter StormyKylie Jenner with daughter Stormy

During pregnancy, I became a real homebody, and I really liked it! I really love just lying in my bed, watching movies and forgetting about the world for a while. Sometimes I take a day off, let go of the nannies and hang out at home with Stormy.

Kylie Jenner

About plans for the future

All my friends want me to become a mother again, and they constantly press me. They love Stormy very much and dream that I would give birth to her sibling. But this is not included in my immediate plans.

Kylie Jenner

About relations with father

Dad raised us well! Every day he drove us to a school, which was a 45-minute drive from the house. Today we continue to communicate with Caitlin every day. (a few years ago, Bruce Jenner made a transgender transition and became caitlin jenner. – Note Ed.). Last year, we could not communicate for three or four weeks, due to the fact that Caitlin participated in one reality show. It was hard to stay out of touch for so long.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

About your big family

We work together all the time and constantly meet. But I really don’t think we have so much in common. I have a different attitude to each member of my family. It seems to me that we are very similar with mom, we are also united by something with Courtney, Kendall, Chloe and Rob. It seems to me that mom planned everything so that every child has a soul mate in the family. Courtney had Kim, Chloe has Rob, and I had Kendall.

Kendall and I have always been very close, although we are the exact opposite. But we never encounter on this basis: she does her own thing, and I do mine. When we meet, we have a great time.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner


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