What we are most excited about Chatuchak Night Market in Singapore


SINGAPORE – Following the success of Taipei’s Shilin Night Market and Bangkok’s lifestyle market Artbox, the famous Chatuchak Night Market from Bangkok is coming to you. It will be held over three months from 4 Feb to 3 May at The Grandstand in Bukit Timah.

Having it in Singapore will allow locals, especially those who have never been to Chatuchak, a taste of what the market is all about and how different it is from Artbox, a more upscale market that landed in Singapore three years ago. The latest and third edition of Artbox Singapore ended two weeks ago at the Turf Club in Kranji and featured half the number of vendors that Chatuchak Singapore is promising.

Here is what you can expect when the famous night market sets up tent here.


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(PHOTO: Chatuchak Night Market)

New vendors every week

Chatuchak Night Market will be expecting about 1,000 vendors over three months. There is only space for 200, so vendors will be rotated every week. 30 to 50 Thai vendors will be coming in every week on rotation – with many directly flown in from the markets in Bangkok.

There will also be Singaporean vendors setting up shop amongst the Thai vendors and this would be a good opportunity for local sellers to display their wares on the same platform. Here’s a peek of some of the vendors you may expect:

Coco Harvest

SukhoThai Roasted Pork

Lamiad Selected Silver 

Aa ar ie ee Studio


King Octopus 

Phadthai Sukhothai Baanna


Chapter One


Not only open on weekends

You would not have to wait till the weekends to visit the market. The original one in Bangkok is only open on weekends, though there are some stores that are also open on weekdays. 

The Singapore version will be open Tuesdays to Sundays from 4pm to 10.30pm.

(PHOTO: Chatuchak Night Market)

It’s not of the same grandeur as Bangkok’s 

To manage expectations, Singapore’s Chatuchak will definitely be tiny in comparison to the real thing in Bangkok, where more than 15,000 stalls sprawl over a massive area that’s divided into about 30 different sections. 

The Singapore version sits on a 40,000 sq ft space while the real one is sprawled over a whopping 10 hectares. But don’t fret as expansion may be in consideration; the other popular Bangkok market Artbox started here in 2017 with 50,000 sq ft before progressing to the 200,000 sq ft of space in Kranji.

There are seats for you to rest

When you want to rest your fatigued legs or enjoy good food, there are 400 seats for visitors to grab a beer and enjoy good food, the ultimate Thai chillax way to spend an evening.

Free parking and shuttle rides to and from the venue

Drive in and enjoy free parking, or take the convenient shuttles that take you here directly.

Preventive measures in light of the coronavirus outbreak

The organisers will be conducting temperature screening daily for all vendors prior to operations. There will also be extra checks will be done for vendors handling food in accordance with Singapore Food Agency guidelines.

Temperature screening booths will also be set up at the entrances of Chatuchak Night Market for the public.

The Chatuchak Night Market will be located at The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287994 from 4 Feb to 3 May 2020. Operating hours are Tuesdays to Sundays from 4pm to 10.30pm.


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