Ex-husband Mel B. Stephen Belafonte intends to achieve sole custody of their common daughter


Ex-husband Mel B. Stephen Belafonte intends to achieve sole custody of their common daughter

Mel Bee and Stephen Belafonte

Mel Bee and Stephen Belafonte officially divorced back in 2017, but to this day they continue to litigate over custody of their 8-year-old daughter Madison. A few years ago, former spouses agreed on joint custody over the girl: Sam not only got the right to see Madison, but also achieved child support from an ex-wife in the amount of 40 thousand dollars a month (in addition, Mel Bi paid all Belafonte’s expenses for litigation).

This decision did not fully satisfy Stephen Belafonte, and now he intends to achieve sole custody of Madison. According to the TMZ portal, this past ex-husband Mel Bee filed documents with the court proving that Mel had abandoned their daughter after moving to the UK. Belafonte claims to be Madison's only guardian for most of 2018 and 2019. Based on all this, Stephen asks the court to provide him with full custody of the child.

Stephen Belafonte with daughter MadisonStephen Belafonte with daughter Madison

In the documents, Belafonte specified that he was still ready to allow Mel Bee to regularly see his daughter, but insisted that all these meetings take place in Los Angeles and under his control.

Stephen took this step after Mel asked the court to take his daughter to the UK, where she now lives and works, at Christmas. Then Belafonte filed a lawsuit demanding that his daughter stay with him on holidays in Los Angeles – this request was granted by the court.

Mel Bee with daughter MadisonMel Bee with daughter Madison

In one of her recent interviews, Mel Bee admitted that she only dreams of having her daughter live next to her in the UK (the singer moved there because she could not find work in the United States).

The only thing I want is for my youngest daughter Madison to live with me in Leeds. Now I am in the midst of a struggle for custody of my daughter and her father, and this is incredibly difficult. But I pray and hope that she will return home anyway,

– shared the pain Mel B.

Mel Bee with daughter Madison

Ex-lead singer of Spice Girls clarified that she is not trying to keep Madison away from her father and still does not oppose their regular meetings. However, Stephen Belafonte, apparently, did not accept this proposal.

Recall that Mel B. filed for divorce from Stephen Belafonte in 2017. The star claimed that throughout all the years of marriage was abused on the part of the ex-spouse, and also stated that he forced her to have a threesome with the nanny of their children. Stephen, in turn, Mel rejected the accusations, attributing everything to her stormy imagination. In the marriage, Mel Bee and Stephen Belafonte also raised their two children as stars from a previous relationship – the daughters Phoenix and Angel.

Mel Bee and Stephen BelafonteMel Bee and Stephen Belafonte

Mel Bee with daughters Madison, Phoenix and Angel
Mel Bee with daughters Madison, Phoenix and Angel


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