Hayley Baldwin about the first months of marriage with Justin Bieber: "We lived in a state of stress"


Hayley Baldwin about the first months of marriage with Justin Bieber:

Hayley Baldwin

23-year-old Haley Boludin became the heroine of the new issue of the American Elle. In a conversation with the editors of the publication, the model talked about living together with a 25-year-old Justin Bieber and the difficulties they had to face in marriage due to his Lyme disease. At the same time, Haley admitted that Justin is exactly the person with whom she would like to live until the end of her days:

He is an amazing person and a terrific partner. He is the only one with whom I would like to spend my whole life, so I was very lucky. Of course, at first we had to work hard to overcome all the differences, but it was worth it. Justin has always been the kind of person I incredibly cared for and loved so much.

Hayley BaldwinHayley BaldwinHayley Baldwin

Baldwin also spoke about Bieber’s serious illness, because of which they had to postpone a magnificent celebration for a whole year on the occasion of the wedding. Haley admitted that in the most difficult periods she was always with her lover and understood that at that tense moment it would be completely useless to arrange a holiday.

When we got married, we immediately decided to go through life together. I felt that it was not the time to have a wedding in this hectic and tense atmosphere. Justin fell ill and at first did not understand what's going on with him. For a long time we did not have a diagnosis, only then it turned out that it was Lyme disease.

It was difficult because the public condemned, said that Justin looked like he was taking drugs. He really looked unwell, but then we still did not understand why. For several months I tried to help him understand what was happening. Fortunately, he is now perfectly healthy

– shared Haley.

Justin Bieber and Haley BaldwinJustin Bieber and Haley Baldwin

According to the model, she really likes to stay with her lover at home: usually these days they are lying embracing on the couch and watching the best episodes of Friends. Haley said that she and Justin, except on rare occasions, do not use phones in bed – this advice was given to the model by her best friend Kendall Jenner.

Hayley BaldwinHayley BaldwinHayley Baldwin


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