Jeffrey Huang wants WHO to accept Taiwan as a member


6 Feb – With Taiwan now having ten confirmed cases of the Novel Coronavirus, rapper Jeffrey Huang is calling for the world to let Taiwan be a part of the World Health Organisation.

As reported on Epoch Times, the Machi member took to Facebook to express his thoughts about the issue, saying, “Taiwan is at the frontlines of the fight against the [coronavirus]. World Health Organisation’s action in isolating Taiwan creates a loophole in our defense against this global epidemic.”

“Let Taiwan join the World Health Organisation now!” he added.

His post had since received much support from fans, who thanked Jeffrey for speaking up on behalf of them.

Said one netizen, “I am so happy to see someone from the entertainment industry standing up for our country for once unlike some [people]”, while another said, “100% agree with you, Taiwan have high medical standards and also can contribute some experience to the world. WHO has no reason to isolate Taiwan!!!”

In fact, countries around the world have also expressed support for Taiwan’s accession to the WHO, with the petition for “Support Taiwan’s accession to the WHO” exceeding 100,000 at a fairly rapid rate.

It is noted that Taiwan did not succeed in its efforts to join the World Health Organisation and other United Nations’ bodies due to its political situation, as Beijing sees the island as part of its territory rather than a state.

(Photo Source: Jeffrey Huang Instagram)


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